FOTD: Gone Back to Chantecaille

I still love so much about this brand, particularly the classic offerings. Chantecaille can get beside itself sometimes with overpriced mediocre palettes that only use 5% of charitable donations to entice us into the mediocrity (I know… some brands do that with NO charitable contributions). But for the most part, I’m ever a fan. One of the stores I frequent jokes that I’m their best Chantecaille customer. I’ll be that.


For this FOTD, I went back to Future Skin (Banana is my color). I love this foundation to pieces. The finish is so fresh and skin-like and the coverage is blur-perfect. I love that it’s oil free but doesn’t dry the crap outta my skin. I just hate the packaging. Still so cheap and raggedy and unsanitary. They need to put this stuff in a  pump and be done with it. No one wants to fuss with a messy pot all the damn time. That’s honestly why it gets passed over when I’m in a hurry. I don’t have time to mess with it and make sure I’m not letting grossness in while I’m trying to get goodness out. I honestly don’t understand why they’ve opted out of bottles for all of their skin products. Those heinous little tubes they use aren’t cute either.

I used a Beauty Blender to sheer it all the way out, and then highighted with a sheer layer of Ardere Concealer in #5. I set it all with Viseart Loose Powder in Cedrat. Blush is the darkest bronze (which has a plum shimmer) from the Viseart Plum/Bronze Palette.

Eyes are courtesy of the Chantecaille Le Chrome Lux Eye Duo in Tibet (the best of the bunch). I also have Gardens of Marrakesh… and to be honest I may get the rest of them. The formulation is insane, and the color payoff is so gorgeous. Lips are Louboutin Matte in Zoulou (still my favorite of all of them) patted out with fingers to stain over sheer gloss. The eyes were so shiny that I just didn’t want the overall look to translate as ‘piled on.’

I’ll break down the new Chantecaille Lion Palette in a bit. It’s better than the last effort (Magnolia); still not as good as my favorite (Sea Turtles). But you know I’m here for it. I just… am.

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