Viseart Blush & Contour/Highlight Swatches

As promised:

viseart swatch plum bronze
viseart swatch rose coral
viseart swatch orange violet
viseart swatch contour highlight

All of these are swatched with my fingers. This is one swipe, so the skipping you see on some of the colors is true to form if you go in too heavy with a brush. You will get kick-up. However, the product blends out so beautifully that I completely forgive this. My advice is to ‘pat’ the brush into the pan and layer accordingly. With all of these palettes, a little goes a long way. The shimmers imitate ‘skin’ much better than the mattes, with the exception of the contour palette. But with minimal blending (you really don’t have to work hard for this formula), you can get a skin-like finish with any of them.

I’m a fan. I’ve been using them all over my face (laziness rules) and so far, so very good.


8 Replies to “Viseart Blush & Contour/Highlight Swatches”

  1. Oh my @ the contour colors. I’m really impressed. None of that orange craziness other brands like to add.
    I like the last coral shade and the plum/bronze. You honestly don’t need anything else with these.
    Ok, I’m like REALLY impressed with the contour colors.

    1. They are truly impressive! I was talking to another mua yesterday about ‘tapping’ the pans and building the color. These things are so pigmented that a light touch is imperative. I’ve been using the darkest bronze color as blush so much…. and the contour is EVERYTHING for the whole face, including shadow. I just love those two palettes the most. I can do without the other two, but I like having them anyway.

      1. Do you think you can mix the contour colors. I feel like I need shades inbetween the light/med and med/dark. Have you played with the new Nars’ contour colors? If so, what did you think? And what do you think of the original colors? Also, what about the Marc Jacobs contour colors?

  2. I do love the orange, but I think I love the bronze more…? The orange is stunning, particularly the middle color (which is more of a burnt pumpkin. But that bronze looks so much like skin and it’s so easy to work with that I’m reaching for it a lot more than the orange.

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