Viseart Blush and Contour Palettes

YES I know that I’m raggedy.

YES I know that I’m supposed to do a skin care update.

YES it’s still happening as soon as I make products that can be photographed because mine basically float around in random containers and look ugly as hell. I’m not selling them to me. I just need them to work.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way:

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I know RIGHT! Stunning. Just like the incomparable eyeshadow palettes, the new blush palettes are EVERYTHING. OMG. The pigmentation is amazing, and I don’t see any skippage so far. They DO kick up though. I did better patting the brush and applying. As soon as I rubbed the colors in any way, I got kick up. On the face, the colors literally become part of you. The contour palette does its job of adding a ‘shadow’ instead of color and the deepest shade has the smallest hint of red in it to accommodate those undertones. Any lighter shades with pink or red can use a blend of the blush with the contour and you’d get the same result. The palettes are definitely geared toward pros because they allow you to mix and match. But they’re not so far removed that a novice would be turned off. The colors are gorgeous and wearable, and have incredible staying power.

Of COURSE I went right to the orange shades for the blush, but for this first FOTD I used just the contour and highlight palette, including on my eyes (it’s really a lot like a massive version of the Cashmere palette if I’m being honest). The only other thing I’m wearing is foundation (Les Merveilleuses LAUDREE in #3) and powder (Tilbury Pressed in Dark ’cause that mess is too light but it’s yellow as hell so it works with my skin tone), mascara (Armani) and lip gloss (LQ in Avarice).

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Even my brows are the medium and deepest contour colors. The shimmer on my eyes is from the highlight side, with the lightest (inner corners) and darkest (lids) highlight colors. The ‘eyeliner’ is the darkest contour color on the lashline, and the lightest color on the waterline (a little water and a fine liner brush). The palettes are fabulous. I love each and every one of them. It also helps ease the sting from Makeup Geek and those sub par blushes I picked up at PHAME. I’m all better now.

At $80 a pop, these are not cheap. If you can only get one, pick a blush family that you KNOW you use every day (not the one that you think you’ll use when you decide to get out there and explore color). The contour palette is not a must have unless you’re lazy like me and you’ll regularly use that joint for your entire face. I’m all about the 15 minute face unless I really need to take time for something special. So these palettes (particularly the contour and the plum bronze) really speak to that need. I’m going to mess with them and a mix medium for lips. Let me find out I can make a gloss or lipstick with no effort and go on about my life…


I need to tell ya’ll about more OFRA and Jung Saem Mool and the one time I dropped my Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Cranberry Stiletto and it spilled all over the floor… GAH! So mad. Ordered a replacement and it’s not even close to the original. Seems to be the regular for liquid lipsticks and these new companies. Hell even the old ones (Anastasia, I’m looking at you). I need people to stop sh*tting out these formulas every five minutes in an attempt to compete with each other, and selling us crumbly skippy crap that I wouldn’t gift to a 5 year old. Dammit.

Anyway. Swatches next.


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