Soooo I got my face shaved…


I literally went under the knife and let Jennifer (whom I trust completely with my skin) perform Dermaplane. Y’all WHY is it so therapeutic? You’d think that having a damn scalpel scraped across my face would cause all kinds of stress. NOPE. It felt so good, and I could feel her touching my new skin and I swear it felt like she was stroking silk. Just amazing.

The thing is, I didn’t know what she was talking about when she first suggested it. I’d seen a ton of videos and crap about people shaving their faces but you know YouTube is RATCHET because these mofos were holding up Lady Gillette Razors talking about shaving their faces. There was one video by Lisa Eldridge and another by a couple of women that I have blocked out because it was kinda gushy and annoying, but I swear I didn’t connect the two until Jennifer explained why it would be a crap idea for me to go into heat or humidity after she was done. She’s like “Honey I’m taking a scalpel to your face.” And that’s when I IMG_3589got super excited because I had been meaning to ask her about it, only for the life of me I couldn’t remember what the name of the treatment was.


Now I know.

So I’m laying there and she’s just scraping away and I’m thinking this would be a fantastic alternative to peels because it feels so damn good and the results are instant. Once the shedding starts on a peel, I have to wait about a week for everything to fall away and be fabulous. But as soon as I left the office, I was looking in the rear view mirror like YAAAAASSSSS. 😉 My cheeks were a little red from the stimulation but damn if my skin didn’t look brand new! Ignore my chapped ass lips. I dealt with them as soon as I looked atIMG_3590 the picture like EWWW. And I couldn’t take another one ’cause the light turned green! #lagirlproblems I am so happy with the results.

No sooner had I parked my car, I tested out my new skin with the ‘barest’ of bare makeup. I matted down my new skin with Innissfree No Sebum powder, which has no color. I put NARS Orgasm on my cheeks, the lightest dusting of dark brown shadow at my lashline and mascara, and that lip tint stuff from Glossier in Cake.

I posted the picture on Instagram and one of my students was like… “Ummm I want some skin love!” So I’m gonna set her up with Jennifer because y’all that woman is everything. I’ve already referred two people who are seeing her regularly. She works with you and your products, which is huge for me because I MAKE PRODUCTS. And we agree that products and regimens are like food and diet. The products themselves aren’t evil. A regimen doesn’t work all the time. You pivot and adjust based on your skin’s needs at the time. Because skin adapts (mine does in about a week or two), it’s important to keep the routine fresh. There are days when I just cleanse with water (I KNOW! If you’d told me that 3 years ago I would have laughed in your face) because that’s all my skin needs. There are days when Sunday Riley’s JUNO is the only thing my skin wants, and there are days when it gets angry and congested because of the exact same product. My sleep patterns, diet, stress, and general environment have so much to do with my skin, which wants to be kinda disrespectful from time to time. I’ve learned so much patience and observation in the quest to keep it balanced and blemish free.

Later I did a bit more with coverage to see what happened. That’s Missha Super Light Oil Foundation in w23, mixed with Cover FX Enhacer in Candlelight (because it’s a bit too light and Candlelight is a bit too dark) and 3 drops of the Calming Oil. Eyes are the Chanel Autumn Palette from last year… ? Peach on the inner lid, brown on the outer. Lash line is Urban Decay Zero, smudged out with a liner brush. Waterline is Chanel Or Rose. Cheeks are Kiko Blush in 100 (still LOVE) and lips are a combo of Black Moon Liquid Lipstick in Harvest (which is what OFRA Miami Fever should have been), and Lipstick Queen gloss in Avarice. Maybe I should have blotted ’cause my lips are doing the most.

Anyway, I’m HAPPY. Like really happy with the Dermaplane results. And no, I haven’t forgotten about the skin care post. It’s still coming (photographing pictures is taking a sec because I don’t wanna use stock images).

❤ ❤ ❤

4 Replies to “Soooo I got my face shaved…”

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, Jennifer is EVERYTHING. I love how she’s given me a whole to approach to skincare, and has… by default… enhanced the way I look at and recommend HABIBI to people with troubled skin. It’s so awesome to see the SKIN, not the blemish on top of it, and actually understand what the skin needs to feel balanced, look supple, and thrive.

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