Murphy’s Law…

…states that anything that can go wrong, WILL. Soooooo, about this effort to unplug:

I decided that I was going off the grid for a minute. But I’m doing it during a holiday and FullSizeRender(50)there have to be sales and family stuff and obligations… BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE I’M GOING OFF THE GRID.



One day back on, and I’ve answered about a billion emails, undone a crap promotion that decided to glitch in such a way that it took days for the IT folks to undo… not to mention generated a billion emails and quite a few complaints. I’m making good on it and just offering a flat 30% to apologize and sending out mass emails to that effect. What a mess.

But some amazing things happened. I spent some much needed quality time. I meditated, practiced, breathed, smiled, snuggled with the love of my life, played with newborn babies, fell asleep in a Seven Veils bath and slept on the most amazing bed until I woke up. It was worth every single second. And despite the chaos that tried to meet me when I touched down in Los Angeles, I made the choice not to be consumed by it. One decision, one action, one breath at a time.

While I was away these showed up:


Altareva (far left) was broken. WTF. The applicator popped off the wand and took a swim in the tube. I returned it and haven’t decided whether I’ll replace it. The color is not THAT great, and honestly these things should not malfunction. They cost a mint and seriously, how hard is it to construct a lipgloss? Get a grip Louboutin.

But holiday promotions, jet lag, and broken lipglosses aside, I listened to my spirit and did what would serve it best. I feel rested, balanced, and my skin absolutely thanks me for it.

I came home and my first practice came with some drama (more on that later, because it’s such a WTF thing that it deserves a separate post. 13 years in business and only two people have ever complained about the way I SMELLED), but sometimes you have to leave ridiculous ass people where they are. Otherwise all is well, site is fixed, and 30% off is in effect until Monday at Midnight.

Later Lovelies! ❤

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