Random Thoughts with Random FOTDs


This is sooooo random y’all. Bear with me.

We’ve reached that time in life where I have to pivot professionally and personally or die. Okay, fotd empress 1that’s dramatic (I can be that sometimes). But with orders constantly updating… paperwork staring me in the face… and would I like Amazon Prime to fulfill for Habibi … something has to give. So I took a few days to get some things straight, including an unscheduled trip to the local courthouse (because this greedy little state changed local business rules and some things I apparently just cannot do by proxy anymore. BOO! Someone tell me again why I didn’t incorporate in New York or Delaware)… do y’all know these fools DO NOT HAVE AIR CONDITIONING in this 100+ degree heat…

But I digress.

I haven’t done yoga in a week. WTF.

There’s so much lined up this year personally that requires me stepping away, but there’s so much work to do that I just want to hole up in the corner and get ‘er done… I’m working fotd baby floon balance. I stay #doingtoomuch all the damn time. I’m great at juggling, if I do say so myself. But as much as I teach balance, I have to learn that lesson early and often myself. The last time I hit this kind of wall was 2012. Looks like it’s time to purge again and re-set my priorities.

There is no such thing as a multi-tasker.

Like juicing, a good reset is key for a personality like mine (and maybe all personalities in general). I have the kind of energy that attracts energy vampires (read: people who make EVERYTHING about them, even when it’s not). Being a big sister and general arrogance lends the mindset that I can fix every and any body. In addition to it being completely untrue, it’s also kind of stupid and dangerous. Every now and again, I hit a wall and have to reset (read: cut a mofo out of my personal space). This is really unfair to the person who’s been purged, but it is absolutely necessary for my continued health and fotd mood lippiewell being. Learning, practicing and teaching yoga has been priceless for me… but I’m ever growing.

Freeing up time from energy vampires makes more time for other things. Typically I fill that time with work. But now… NOW… I’m going to fill it with something much more valuable. Quality. Quality time with my insanely patient husband who lets me just run wild to my heart’s desire, and always has a smile and a kiss for me when I make my way back home. Quality time with my ever expanding family (siblings just having all kinds of kids these days). I’ll get to see some of the newest additions for the first time this Summer, and I’m super excited about that. Quality time with myself, to just BE. Maybe practice. Maybe not. Maybe watch the sun rise. Or set.

Because I’m an easily distracted personality, I have to write everything down. So I did. I actually have a PLAN y’all. Since my last purge, I’m so much better about identifying boundaries and setting them sooner. But on occasion someone slips through the cracks. About a month ago (remember when my skin was crazy?) I went to see Jennifer for a facial and she commented that most of my issues were on the feminine side of my face/body. She asked me what I was ‘not’ saying to the people who needed to hear from me…

Self care is a real thing you guys. It is. And I’m not talking about taking a vacation or getting a massage. Taking breaks from crazy doesn’t diminish the crazy. It just provides a temporary distraction. The real yoga happens when you’re stuck in traffic on the 405 or wishing to God that the person who keeps talking to you just… won’t. When we make everything a choice for the peaceful option, the things in our lives have no choice but to adapt or get left behind. Don’t live a life where you have to say “I wish I hadn’t worked so much” or “I wish I had spoken up” or “I wish I had walked away from so and so or such and such.” Life is short.

Buddha said: “Your problem is that you think you have time.” At least I think it was Buddha. Doesn’t matter. It’s true.

Take care of yourself. Take a breath. Smile. Do yoga (or not). Find Peace. I Love You.


*And the answer to Amazon is no. They have been so trifling with some of my recent things that they are kinda on probation.*

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