Makeup Geek Blush Swatches

As promised!

 makeup geek blush
Promise Ring, Valentine, XOXO, Desire

makeup geek blush 1

Love Letter, Secret Admirer, Rendezvous, Soul Mate

makeup geek blush 2

Spellbound, Puppy Love, Covet, Chivalry

makeup geek blush 3

Blind Date, Main Squeeze, Romance, Summer Fling

makeup geek blush 4

Cherish, Bliss, Heart Throb, Infatuation

I swatched all of these with my fingers so you can get a good gauge on pigmentation. Here’s what I found: with the exception of Desire and Chivalry, all of the deeper pigmented blushes apply patchy or streaky. The lighter the color, the better the application. The colors in the mid-range have the worst application. They stick to odd parts of the face and when you buff them out, they completely disappear. Summer Fling might be the worst of the bunch, which is depressing because that’s the one I was most excited about. You know how I love a good orange. But this isn’t even really orange on me (although it’s very orange in the pan). It’s more of a bright orange-based coral. So boo to that.

My hands down favorites are the lighter flesh tones like Bliss and Infatuation. Secret Admirer, which I was also super excited about, is also kinda patchy. I wanted a dupe for my ever favorite Spank from Rock & Republic, but this is NOT it.

I do like that most of the blushes are matte. I don’t like that many of them are patchy as all get out. And it has nothing do do with the price point because I have a kick ass matte rose blush from Milani that I got on clearance for $5, so no.

What’s really interesting is that these blushes are supposed to be ‘reformulated.’ I’m not sure if they were crap before, but these are supposed to be the new ones. Or did we get sold the old ones at the show because the company needed to unload stock? I have questions.

I wonder if Makeup Geek has answers.

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