Keeping Promises…

The swatches are coming y’all! Give me this weekend. We’ve been SWAMPED with orders fotd fridayand requests. People are learning about Habibi and just jumping in the deep end and what not… straight to Seven Veils. We are looking at the order sheets like… Oh so ya’ll just gon’ jump from the nest and FLY? No baby steps… no nothing. Okay. I’m not mad but still. So that’s been life this quarter. First world problems… I’m aware. And I’m grateful.

I’m looking around though like ‘What is sleep? What is this nap you speak of?’ I was all set to plan my day and schedule a nap, when I suddenly remember that I’m teaching yoga at Noon. And *looking at my hands* something needs to be done about this raggedy manicure… and while we playing, these toes need some love too. So, yeah. My lovely Father In Law hits a major milestone this weekend and we’re celebrating, and I can’t be the raggedy Daughter In Law who is too busy to look like she made an effort. So today I will teach, and I will make an effort… and maybe even squeeze in a nap.

Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, I need to talk to y’all about these brush cleaners and swatch those brushes and that lovely palette, and tell you about Colorscience. I’m an admitted skeptic about mineral makeup… I just don’t care for it as much. But this might change my mind. It’s coming. The weekend.

Thank you for your patience. 🙂

*makeup is by terry densiliss sun glow, charlotte tilbury bronze & glow, makeup geek blush in secret admirer, viseart cashmere palette (mattes), and lipstick queen seven deadly sins gloss in indolence.*

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