Makeup Geek Bliss Blush

Ya’ll are gonna have to wait for all the swatches because this is gonna take me a minute. Plus I’m swamped with Habibi (Seven Veils Bath Bombs are rolling out), and folks gotta be clean, clear and soft! Just saying.

The very first blush I tried from Makeup Geek is Bliss. It’s a warmed peach, which translates to a warm matte flesh-tone on me. Very subtle and completely beautiful.

Since I’ve decided to start screaming ‘flesh tones’ from the rooftops, this color really suits me. The formula is soft and blendable. I’ve found that the formula does NOT translate across all the colors though. I used Summer Fling (a warm orange) and it is a hot ass patchy mess. So when I go through and swatch each one individually you’ll really get a feel for what colors work well, and which ones to pass on. So far, Bliss is a definite go. I can see myself wearing this often. It’s like Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘First Love’ without the shimmer.

Base is the new Armani Maestro Fusion in #7 and Innisfree No Sebum Loose Powder. I slapped on a few neutrals from the Viseart Neutral Mattes palette, and finished with Armani Black Ecstasy. Lips are the new Baby Glo Liquid Lipstick from Velvet 59.

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