PHAME: The Haul

Quick shots of what came home with me (sans the shirts. I’m keeping those private ’cause it’s Saturday and I just feel like it).


I did say I was not interested in eyeshadows. HOWEVER, the Nubian 2 Palette got me! Such pigmentation, and the names are just DARLING. I had to.

I already confessed about the Makeup Geek blushes. I no longer wish to talk about it. NOPE! Not the Makeup Geek palette either +4 (which is empty and thankfully magnetic. Thank you Marlena for thinking like a professional, unlike damn Troy Surrat. I’m still not over that idiotic palette).

Organic makeup brush cleaner. I have to try it. I have to. I’ll let you know if it works. I’m keeping that flannel for my face. Too cute to wipe brushes on.

Velvet 59 is quaint, but not tacky in a Benefit kinda way. I like it. I like those colors, the lip velvet doesn’t dry out my lips, the gloss is mad pigmented, and the flesh tones (on my skin) just called to me.

I HAD to support Miss Casanova! Wasn’t even a question.

Swatches at a later date. Ciao for now!

2 Replies to “PHAME: The Haul”

  1. I hear you! You can never tell who genuinely likes a thing and who is reciprocating for getting a free thing, or setting themselves up to get a free thing. I like this palette. Swatches are coming.

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