PHAME: In Pictures

Edica Casanova is a colleague (we did the Capo Nata Lookbook together) and an all around amazing human! She was selling her makeup brush cleaner and I snapped up a bottle (in PINK) plus her brush cleaning pot!

Products off the makeup beaten path. I’ve seen Sauce Box before. Nice to know they’re still going strong. ❤

Products. I was a good girl this year and skipped anything that I can get any other time, and anything that wasn’t truly interesting or move me in some way.

Consider me MOVED by Makeup Geek Blushes! I avoided most eyeshadows like the plague, and these were no exception. But the blushes are insane. INSANE. I started out with 2, grew to 6, then 10, then SCREWITGIVEMEALLOFTHEM. The SA’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. Yeah, I said it. All of them. Show prices, within budget, and I’m not paying for them once they get in the packaging and are sold as singles. I’m good with pro pans at pro prices. Yep.



Consider me BOWLED OVER by Crimes of Beauty! The quality of these shirts is soo good. The owner, Whitney (pictured), says she’s a stickler for quality. She’s not lying. I need to bribe her for a pair of tights (they’re not available until she can recalibrate costs) because the shirts are EVERYTHING. And they speak to every makeup lover. I’ll let you just guess which ones came home with me…




2 Replies to “PHAME: In Pictures”

  1. Thank you! I honestly don’t know which brushes those are. In the whirlwind of PHAME I forgot to stop and talk to them. I’ve used the Organic brush cleaner that came home with me, and it’s good for a quick color change if you don’t use too much. I was able to do a rush job this week using just a palette, that brush cleaner and 3 brushes.

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