PHAME: Day 1

Whew I am TIRED! I have to be getting old because I wasn’t even at PHAME that long today IMG_1981and I feel like I’ve been there since 7am! Trifling.

That’s the face ya’ll: MAC Face & Body in C6, Tom Ford Bronze Age, Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, Make Up For Ever felt liner, Urban Decay Pencil in Zero, Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara, and OCC RTW Lip Tars in Artifact and Hollywood. I’m super shiny because I sprayed with MUFE Mist + Fix and it was still setting. Kept my makeup ALL day. I swear by that stuff. I know a lot of people use Skindinavia and Model in a Bottle. But this is my go to. I’ve gone through gallons of it, and I’m known to douse clients with a ton of it before I send them on their way.

Hopped up this morning and started the day right with yoga, taught by my favorite Bag of Skittles (her description of herself. not mine). Then I got ready, got gas, and got to getting IMG_2095my tail to the convention center in Pasadena. By the time I got there (11am), it was 100 degrees and there was a line around the corner.

THIS picture is after the fact (about 3pm) because I didn’t think to take it until I was leaving. But my GOODNESS when I tell you that people are troopers for standing in that damn heat? I literally wore yoga clothes because I was not sweating out anything that couldn’t be tossed in the wash asap and cleaned with some kind of random detergent. You can always tell the old pros from the new ones because we were comfortable as hell. I am not wearing heels, too much makeup that I gotta worry about sliding off my face, or clothes that I have to adjust every 20 minutes. Comfort and performance is key. Oh, and black. Hush. You can tear it up and it cleans easily without an issue.

Pictures of the actual convention are coming. Kudos to the organizers for being really streamlined in the check in process. I was impressed. The artwork was better this year too. They are getting better and better. I will say that this time I focused on brands that I knew little or nothing about. I found some real gems and I’m really happy about that. They do need more education and maybe a competition or two at this convention. And some hair stuff! No, not all those damn extensions, but PROFESSIONAL products and tools for people who do hair! Why was that not there? We also need hair education. Still, overall I’m not mad. PHAME is coming along nicely.

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