Random Thoughts with Random FOTDs


This is sooooo random y’all. Bear with me.

We’ve reached that time in life where I have to pivot professionally and personally or die. Okay, fotd empress 1that’s dramatic (I can be that sometimes). But with orders constantly updating… paperwork staring me in the face… and would I like Amazon Prime to fulfill for Habibi … something has to give. So I took a few days to get some things straight, including an unscheduled trip to the local courthouse (because this greedy little state changed local business rules and some things I apparently just cannot do by proxy anymore. BOO! Someone tell me again why I didn’t incorporate in New York or Delaware)… do y’all know these fools DO NOT HAVE AIR CONDITIONING in this 100+ degree heat…

But I digress.

I haven’t done yoga in a week. WTF.

There’s so much lined up this year personally that requires me stepping away, but there’s so much work to do that I just want to hole up in the corner and get ‘er done… I’m working fotd baby floon balance. I stay #doingtoomuch all the damn time. I’m great at juggling, if I do say so myself. But as much as I teach balance, I have to learn that lesson early and often myself. The last time I hit this kind of wall was 2012. Looks like it’s time to purge again and re-set my priorities.

There is no such thing as a multi-tasker.

Like juicing, a good reset is key for a personality like mine (and maybe all personalities in general). I have the kind of energy that attracts energy vampires (read: people who make EVERYTHING about them, even when it’s not). Being a big sister and general arrogance lends the mindset that I can fix every and any body. In addition to it being completely untrue, it’s also kind of stupid and dangerous. Every now and again, I hit a wall and have to reset (read: cut a mofo out of my personal space). This is really unfair to the person who’s been purged, but it is absolutely necessary for my continued health and fotd mood lippiewell being. Learning, practicing and teaching yoga has been priceless for me… but I’m ever growing.

Freeing up time from energy vampires makes more time for other things. Typically I fill that time with work. But now… NOW… I’m going to fill it with something much more valuable. Quality. Quality time with my insanely patient husband who lets me just run wild to my heart’s desire, and always has a smile and a kiss for me when I make my way back home. Quality time with my ever expanding family (siblings just having all kinds of kids these days). I’ll get to see some of the newest additions for the first time this Summer, and I’m super excited about that. Quality time with myself, to just BE. Maybe practice. Maybe not. Maybe watch the sun rise. Or set.

Because I’m an easily distracted personality, I have to write everything down. So I did. I actually have a PLAN y’all. Since my last purge, I’m so much better about identifying boundaries and setting them sooner. But on occasion someone slips through the cracks. About a month ago (remember when my skin was crazy?) I went to see Jennifer for a facial and she commented that most of my issues were on the feminine side of my face/body. She asked me what I was ‘not’ saying to the people who needed to hear from me…

Self care is a real thing you guys. It is. And I’m not talking about taking a vacation or getting a massage. Taking breaks from crazy doesn’t diminish the crazy. It just provides a temporary distraction. The real yoga happens when you’re stuck in traffic on the 405 or wishing to God that the person who keeps talking to you just… won’t. When we make everything a choice for the peaceful option, the things in our lives have no choice but to adapt or get left behind. Don’t live a life where you have to say “I wish I hadn’t worked so much” or “I wish I had spoken up” or “I wish I had walked away from so and so or such and such.” Life is short.

Buddha said: “Your problem is that you think you have time.” At least I think it was Buddha. Doesn’t matter. It’s true.

Take care of yourself. Take a breath. Smile. Do yoga (or not). Find Peace. I Love You.


*And the answer to Amazon is no. They have been so trifling with some of my recent things that they are kinda on probation.*

Ofra Liquid Lipstick

I want to love them ALL, but alas, OFRA Liquid Lipsticks are really only as good as their color. My two hands down favorites are Brooklyn and Havana Nights (and I thought I would hate Brooklyn). I think it has a lot to do with their pigmentation. The darker colors wear creamier and dry satin but still don’t really transfer. The lighter colors go ashy when they dry and the medium shade I have (Miami Fever) applies very patchy and streaky.

ofra lip creme

From left to right: Surfer’s Paradise (0range), Brooklyn (dark brown), Daytona Beach (pinky coral), Havana Nights (brick red) and Miami Fever.

ofra lip creme 1

They are all gorgeous in the tube and there’s no way to know how they’ll apply and wear until you use them. The composition actually changes on Daytona Beach. It swatches a lovely creamy pinky coral, and then goes white ashy coral on my lips. And the dry down is so severe, that I have yet to wear it for longer than five minutes. By contrast, Brooklyn wears like the most comfortable lipstick you’ve ever used in your life. Same for Havana Nights, which is so good that I want another tube… just because. And they are insanely flattering… especially Havana Nights. It just looks like it was made for me.

Now Miami Fever might be my biggest disappointment because it’s SUCH a gorgeous color in the tube and it’s not super bright like Surfer’s Paradise so I thought it would just be an ‘apply and go’ color. Nope! You have to REALLY work with it because it’s so chunky and patchy. I do best when I apply it with fingers or mix it with a little shimmery balm (which destroys its ability to dry down and set).

As I understand it, these things are made to order. The consistency is all over the place though, so I don’t know if I should wait until OFRA gets it together before I place another order, or just abandon them altogether. Jury’s still out.

Meanwhile… I am gonna rock the HELL out of Havana Nights because… WIN! ❤

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows

Okay.. it’s been more than a week since I got my little hands on this gem, and I’ve been using it EVERY.DAY. So worth it. Now had she paid as much attention to the Legendary tilbury browsMascara, she’d be doing some things. I like the Legendary Brows better than her original brow definer because it’s ridiculously easy to use. The only thing is, you have to have brow hairs for this to really work. If you have to do any drawing, this is not the product for you.

One of the most notable things about this product is the brush size. Now you think this wouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s so perfectly tiny that tilbury brows 1you can really get the brow you want with just a few strokes. I love the Anastasia Brow Gel formula, but that massive brush is the same size as a standard mascara, and it can be a mess if you’re trying to do any kind of precision work.

The formula is also excellent. When I tell you that this stuff will work on the oiliest skin without ending up looking like a grease slick, and will NOT come off without some real cleanser… preferably oil based. I tried to wash it off with a wack cleanser sample I had and I swear this stuff just laughed at me. It lifts and separates the hairs, and holds them in place until you take it off.

Like the original brow definer, my color is Cara (named for Delevingne). You see how it looks like I have twice as many hairs as I actually have? Now, in the original picture, I don’t fotd brooklyn 1have a stitch of makeup on, so the light will pick up my skin and the actual hairs differently. But I took them as close to time as possible, so you can see how much of a difference it makes.

Strong brows and strong lips for this look means minimal base. So that’s By Terry CC Cream and a dusting of Charlotte Tilbury’s Pressed Powder in Medium … which I’ve decided I actually love. Mascara is predictably Armani Black Ecstasy, and lips are OFRA Liquid Lipstick in Brooklyn. Whew these joints are KEEPERS! Even that ‘Mi Vida Loca’ look isn’t enough to keep me from rocking them. If I gotta run around lookin’ like Sad Girl for a day to wear such a comfortable formula that really wears like a matte lip creme with just minimal transfer… I’m doin’ it!



FOTD: OFRA Liquid Lipstick in Havana Nights

Oooooooh LOVE.

Stephanie Nicole reviewed these and wasn’t the biggest fan (they transfer) but she fotd OFRA 1mentioned that they were very comfortable to wear. Comfort for me is key because I can’t deal with my lips going inside-out from all the dry-down (Beauty Bakerie I’m looking at you). So I grabbed a few, and one of them was Havana Nights… which is hands-down my favorite.

I mean, LOOK AT IT! It’s a brick-red color on me and it just sets everything off. My makeup is super minimal to really show off this color. And it is TRULY comfortable. I don’t have any real transfer issue, to be honest. I got a tiny bit on the rim of a glass of water, but that’s about it. It definitely fotd OFRAwears longer than a traditional lipstick, but not as long as, say, a Dose of Colors or Beauty Bakerie.

I also have Miami Fever (which kind of looks like puke on me), Brooklyn (goth brown), Daytona (no ma’am) and Surfer’s Paradise (you know me and orange are besties). The price point is acceptable at $16, even though they take forever to ship. They leave the impression that they are making the lipsticks to order…? Either way, I’m happy with them. It seems they’ve upgraded their packaging too (some of the reviews I saw on Youtube were in these heinous tubes that kind of showed up in bubble wrap). Mine came in individual boxes with decent tubes. I’ll do a full review with swatches after Legendary Brows, which is coming next.

The rest of the face is Armani Maestro Glow in #7, Armani Blush, and Armani Mascara. Lots of Armani on this face… totally not planned. Hey, it works. 🙂

FOTD: Easy Friday

Sheesh I’m so glad this week is over. So much everything. I’m worn out from the inside out. Lots and lots of yoga got taught and practiced. Lots of Habibi. Lots of… stuff. I kinda need everyone to STHU and leave me alone for a little while. Here’s hoping for a moment to breathe fotd easy fridayand some good vibes and what not.

I picked up one of those Cover FX oil drops and guess what? IT’S NOT TERRIBLE! I thought my oily skin was going to be like ‘Woman WTH is wrong with you?’ But the oil is so thin that it melts into any foundation (so far) pretty effortlessly. And my skin ends up not producing as much oil, because it doesn’t feel like it needs to. Hooray for balance! And yes, theoretically I always knew this (I’ve been working with this skin and trying to get it to behave since puberty), but emotionally there was no way in the world I was putting an oil in my foundation.That is pretty ridiculous because I use plenty of face oils in my skin care routine… listen, I’m not saying it makes sense. 🙂

That’s Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Brows (Cara) on that face. ALSO NOT TERRIBLE! I’m so glad because I am leaning further toward dislike for that mascara. Every time I use it now, there’s some fresh drama. Really not a fan. I’ll do a full review on the Legendary Brows in a bit.

The rest of the face is Illamasqua Skin Base in AU with three Cover FX drops (Vitamin E + Chamomile: Calming). Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder in Medium. Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara, and Haughty Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Live Free or Die.

Happy Friday.


Juvia’s Nubian 2 Swatches

nubian2 palette

Morocco, Madagascar, Sheba, Yaa

nubian2 palette 1

Jezebel, Zuri, Cleopatra, Nefertiti

nubian2 palette 2

Nairobi, Leyla, Kenya, Egypt

Insane pigmentation with the shimmers. Mattes are wack; you have to really work to build them. Fortunately, there are only a few in this palette. The colors work best with a LIGHT hand… better to buff and build than have to take it all down.

Makeup Geek Blush Swatches

As promised!

 makeup geek blush
Promise Ring, Valentine, XOXO, Desire

makeup geek blush 1

Love Letter, Secret Admirer, Rendezvous, Soul Mate

makeup geek blush 2

Spellbound, Puppy Love, Covet, Chivalry

makeup geek blush 3

Blind Date, Main Squeeze, Romance, Summer Fling

makeup geek blush 4

Cherish, Bliss, Heart Throb, Infatuation

I swatched all of these with my fingers so you can get a good gauge on pigmentation. Here’s what I found: with the exception of Desire and Chivalry, all of the deeper pigmented blushes apply patchy or streaky. The lighter the color, the better the application. The colors in the mid-range have the worst application. They stick to odd parts of the face and when you buff them out, they completely disappear. Summer Fling might be the worst of the bunch, which is depressing because that’s the one I was most excited about. You know how I love a good orange. But this isn’t even really orange on me (although it’s very orange in the pan). It’s more of a bright orange-based coral. So boo to that.

My hands down favorites are the lighter flesh tones like Bliss and Infatuation. Secret Admirer, which I was also super excited about, is also kinda patchy. I wanted a dupe for my ever favorite Spank from Rock & Republic, but this is NOT it.

I do like that most of the blushes are matte. I don’t like that many of them are patchy as all get out. And it has nothing do do with the price point because I have a kick ass matte rose blush from Milani that I got on clearance for $5, so no.

What’s really interesting is that these blushes are supposed to be ‘reformulated.’ I’m not sure if they were crap before, but these are supposed to be the new ones. Or did we get sold the old ones at the show because the company needed to unload stock? I have questions.

I wonder if Makeup Geek has answers.

Keeping Promises…

The swatches are coming y’all! Give me this weekend. We’ve been SWAMPED with orders fotd fridayand requests. People are learning about Habibi and just jumping in the deep end and what not… straight to Seven Veils. We are looking at the order sheets like… Oh so ya’ll just gon’ jump from the nest and FLY? No baby steps… no nothing. Okay. I’m not mad but still. So that’s been life this quarter. First world problems… I’m aware. And I’m grateful.

I’m looking around though like ‘What is sleep? What is this nap you speak of?’ I was all set to plan my day and schedule a nap, when I suddenly remember that I’m teaching yoga at Noon. And *looking at my hands* something needs to be done about this raggedy manicure… and while we playing, these toes need some love too. So, yeah. My lovely Father In Law hits a major milestone this weekend and we’re celebrating, and I can’t be the raggedy Daughter In Law who is too busy to look like she made an effort. So today I will teach, and I will make an effort… and maybe even squeeze in a nap.

Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, I need to talk to y’all about these brush cleaners and swatch those brushes and that lovely palette, and tell you about Colorscience. I’m an admitted skeptic about mineral makeup… I just don’t care for it as much. But this might change my mind. It’s coming. The weekend.

Thank you for your patience. 🙂

*makeup is by terry densiliss sun glow, charlotte tilbury bronze & glow, makeup geek blush in secret admirer, viseart cashmere palette (mattes), and lipstick queen seven deadly sins gloss in indolence.*

Meeting My Peeps

Yesterday, I got called to a Colorescience event. I wasn’t even sure I was going to go, but then I researched the company and decided to check them out. This is one of those times when you’re glad you got off your ass and went out to see the sun. While I was there, I met some of the most amazing women… and I realized how much I’ve been missing talking to ACTUAL colleagues in my profession who regularly move and work in an adult space without cameras or constant digital validation.



It started when I sidled up to a group of women who were being educated by a member of the Colorescience team. They welcomed me in… and the next thing you know we were screaming about the difference between contour as correction and spending an hour on fotd mood 4‘cake face’ just to go to the gas station. What a burst of FRESH AIR to talk to women who understand exactly why I  twisted my lips at Tilbury’s Legendary Mascara because of claims vs. actual performance (did I ever talk to y’all about how it smudges all to be damned on the lower lash line after about 4 hours?) and how hard it is to trust ANY of these so-called pros on the internet. Y’all thought I was mad about IMATS? None of them even went to PHAME because they were not up for the bullshit. They’re like: most of that stuff gets sent to the productions we work on or we can get it any time we need from the pro stores. Who wants to be in 100 degree heat on PURPOSE because the convention is made up of more Youtube fans than actual professionals? Imagine how much I sparkled when one of the artists said the EXACT SAME THING about the lack of hair education or products at a convention that was also supposed to cater to hair stylists…

Another woman sidled up to us when she heard me talking about teaching yoga to dancers (former dancer herself) and we welcomed her in and suddenly she was sharing the BEST fotd mood 5stories…

How amazing to talk about the VALUE of interacting with human beings in a human space, instead of on a consistent digital platform. One lady told me that a girl reached out to intern with her. But it was actually the girl’s (NOT A GIRL. Actual age: 27) mother who contacted her, after googling this artist’s name. When the artist specified that the girl HERSELF would need to make the request and show some interest in getting the job… *crickets. Her point was that these very LARGE digital personalities tend to shrink in real world environments that don’t directly impact their celebrity. Being a professional mua has a crap ton of perks, but it also involves knowledge, a fluid personality, and actual WORK. We talk to somebody who knows somebody who needs somebody and BAM! Pirates of the Caribbean (real story). You treat everyone with kindness because the asshole who declared himself Key (like… wtf) and tried to drive you absolutely insane with his ‘vision’ at a random fashion show is now fotd mood 1asking you for a job (another real story). We got to talking about joint issues from standing for a billion hours or working in ridiculous environments (I SCREAMED when one artist with the best name in the world talked about doing makeup for a celebrity client in the bathroom of a club with a precision light strapped to her forehead… real world mua problems y’all). I told them that people tend to know me by by head scarf, and one girl was like I NEED ONE! She is wearing wigs because she can’t be bothered. Worked with RuPaul on a new show and was like ‘well at least I can wear my wigs here and no one will give a damn.’ Doing professional makeup is NOT about THE MAKEUP ARTIST. It’s about the client and about the art. And we all agreed that so much of that seems to be lost with this new crop of self-declared pros. Between talking about skin issues, color theory, the art of contour as correction vs. necessity, and how celebrities of a certain caliber want the camera to see their FACE, not their makeup… we hit all the high points.

I meant to stay for 45 minutes. 2 1/2 hours later I looked up and realized just how much fun I was having. What a wonderful and priceless experience. MY PEEPS Y’ALL! My peeps. The Colorscience people left and we were still huddled in a circle laughing and high-fiving each other.

We all agreed that digital platforms have so much value and are not to be dismissed, but when people are using it to hijack an actual profession, members of that profession are bound to speak about it. We love that you’ve learned to do makeup on yourself. We love that you’re excited about it and want to share. We don’t love when you interrupt a show or a lesson about tricking the camera or the naked eye with shadows and light, because you don’t understand why the extremely qualified Educator has not used contour on his model (a real story). We don’t love when you introduce yourself based on your channel/instagram/snapchat and lead with how many followers you have (another real story). We don’t care. Can you show up on time, do the work, and not bother people with your drama? Do you play well with others? Can you pivot when the situation calls for it?

We spent damn near an hour talking about the pivot. It’s a very real thing.

I confessed that I was not on Snapchat and one of them was like… OH YOU MUST! She showed me hers and another artist confessed that she learned how to use it from a toddler who was in her chair one day. The valet guy showed me how to use it and showed me all the fun stuff while we were waiting for our cars. We laughed and clapped and hugged and exchanged numbers. I even promised to do pizza at one of our favorite local joints (turns out that three of them live right near me).

What a HAPPY PLACE to be in. I got home, ate my weight in spicy noodles, discovered a face demon/cystic pimple on my chin (and promptly slapped Oatmeal & Peppermint and Juno on it), and went to bed.

Good times.

*this morning the face demon is significantly smaller. small miracles people… small miracles.*


It’s Going to be a By Terry Summer

If my skin continues to act like it has some sense, Miss By Terry and I are going to become the best of friends this season. A combination of a Space NK sale and a horde of Ndulge Reward points netted me the ridiculously overpriced Elixir Glace (which I refused to pay for unless it went on sale), and the new Terrybly Densiliss Sun Glow. The combination is absolute magic on me.

Together they bring my skin to beauty-drenched life. When I tried on just the Sun Glow (which is a gorgeous apricot) in front of my friend Sheri, she just went ‘Wow.’ Yeah. It’s that good. I have the lightest shade because I wanted it to match my skin, not give me a tan. The great news is, you can continue to deepen with the two darker shades available if you want. I already have color, so looking tan is a non-issue for me. But the formula is so sheer that it’s honestly flattering on anyone, so even a fair skinned person can play around with all three shades.

I broke out the new Nubian 2 Eyeshadow Palette for this look! Zuri is on the inner corners, Morocco and Sheba are buffed (and I do mean BUFFED) all the way out and layered in the center, and Madagascar is buffed through the crease and under the waterline. LISTEN. Use a light touch! These shadows are so pigmented that I had to pat and buff… pat and buff. They will be MAGIC to anyone looking for drenched color looks because the payoff is everything. This look brightened my eyes so much. I absolutely love it.

Nubian 2 eyes openNubian 2 eyes closed

I’m also wearing Makeup Geek Blush in Infatuation (slightly darker and more brown than Bliss) and Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in Beige.