Lipstick Queen Seven Deadly Sins

There’s a reason that Poppy King calls her brand Lipstick Queen. It’s a rare day when she releases a lip product that doesn’t go above and beyond the basic requirements. The Seven Deadly Sins Collection is no exception.

These seven lip glosses are easy to wear, opaque, not sticky and you can layer them! I love that you can layer them. Never done that with a lip gloss before. They each have their own personalities. In the order swatched (left to right):

Indolence: Nude-Pink

Avarice: Nude-Peach

Lust: Deep Red

Decadence: Fucshia

Anger: Red-Coral

Vanity: Wine

Envy: Purple

For this look, I layered Anger on the edges, and Avarice in the center. They are so gorgeous and easy to wear. I’m so burned by the NARS Lip Cover that this was such a refreshing discovery.

The rest of the face is Koh Gen Doh Aqua Foundation in #143 (blended from the center out), Tom Ford Bronze Age around the edges and Gold Dust in the center. The new Guerlain Bronzer (the coral center) is on the cheeks as blush. Still dealing with the overspray (which I refuse to pull off prematurely) so it’s more golden than coral. Groomed brows and the Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara, and that’s it!

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