GAIA Breakdown

Linda made a fabulous suggestion to break down GAIA so that you guys know what’s going on. That’s totally fair. Considering how sensitive I am about what I put on my own face, I completely understand. Know that every single ingredient in every Habibi product serves a purpose. We don’t use fillers, chemical additives or preservatives. I personally trace the origin of every ingredient (a customer once asked me if my Vitamin E was GMO… and I reassured her that it was not). So please know that you can ask me anything.

I’m going to break down the moisturizer because it carries the highest concentration of the ingredients. It will live the longest on your face so it can do the most work.

Jojoba Oil: Primary moisturizer. Deeply moisturizing and healing, and has the unique ability to imitate the natural sebum in your skin (oily girls take note) so it won’t exacerbate oil production.

Organic Fermented Aloe: Secondary moisturizer. Deeply hydrating and healing without upsetting natural ph of formulation or skin.

Organic Raw Honey: Secondary moisturizer. Boosts the aloe hydration by binding to it to make it ‘stick’ to your skin longer.

Organic Papain: Primary enzyme exfoliant. Papain (papaya) works to break up the proteins that bind dead cells on the skin’s surface. Safe enough for daily use on sensitive skins.

Organic Orange/Passionfruit/Lemon Fruit: Secondary enzyme exfoliant and brighteners. Unlike acids, the fruit extracts are gentler on the skin and are less likely to cause irritation. All three have major brightening and anti-aging properties without risk of photo-sensitivity (but you still need to wear sunscreen no matter what).

Organic Watermelon Extract: Primary healer. Improves the appearance of aged and stressed skin and boosts the regeneration process. It also reduces redness and soothes irritation. It’s the primary booster the aloe and honey.

Organic Algae Extract: Secondary healer. Antioxidant boost and mineral deposit carrier system for the exfoliants.

Organic Cucumber Extract: Secondary, water based moisture content. Soothes and cools skin, and counteracts ‘warming’ action from enzyme action without disrupting said action.

Organic Chamomile Extract: Secondary, water based moisture content. Calming effect on skin and boosts cucumber.

Vitamin E: Antioxidant and  Preservative.

Hope that helps! Keep  me posted on any changes, concerns or reactions. Thanks you guys! ❤


7 Replies to “GAIA Breakdown”

  1. Today I was able to go out for a jog with only mascara for the first time in forever. I’ve been using Gaia consistently for 5 days and I am super impressed with the results. Honestly I feel like it’s fading my acne scars too and my skin is definitely brighter and firmer. I’ll continue to use and report back after another full week to see if it continues to improve my skin. Hopefully you’ll make a shower gel similarly because I would love to even out and brighten the skin on my body.

  2. I am so happy to hear this Mel! I’m so glad it’s working for you. Never forget your sunscreen, so that you protect the new skin that’s coming out from under the dead surface layers. We’ve been talking about expanding the line but we really want these first products to gain traction before we do that. Confession: I have been using the rinse on my body and so far it’s left me so smooth and radiant. So trust me I understand. 😉

  3. I absolutely love this breakdown and wish every brand would do this. Not that I doubted Habibi, but I am so happy to know what is going on my face. Especially when trying something new. Do you recommending using this just once (evenings) or twice per day? This is my first time trying a jojoba-based moisturizer and I’m thrilled because I’d always intended to. I was initially using too much I think, but I saw your comment suggesting less so I’ve adjusted.
    Does GAIA have a significant meaning?

  4. I’m glad you found it helpful Linda! I wish more brands were open too. Then they wouldn’t have to lie about why something doesn’t work for you (I once returned a La Prairie foundation and the lady told me it broke me out because I was allergic to caviar. I’M NOT ALLERGIC TO CAVIAR).

    How often you use GAIA is really up to you. I use the cleanser twice a day, but I use the moisturizer only at night because I’d rather it work overnight while I’m sleeping. Daytime I use Oatmeal & Peppermint, which will likely be my staple for the rest of my life.

    GAIA is a Greek word meaning ‘EARTH.’ In mythology she was the mother entity who presided over earth. I want the word to represent the best of mother nature, to exfoliate and renew the skin. 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to try this. I love using oil as a moisturizer and used to make one with jojoba. Thanks for the breakdown. I’m not allowed to use exfoliators with my retinA product, do you think the papain is ok?

    1. WITH the retin a, papain may be too stimulating. I would do a patch test first. Whenever you place an order put a note in there for a sample of the moisturizer so you can test it.

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