More GAIA Goodness

How many of you guys have gotten your GAIA? There’s more to come with the line. I just finished the ‘rinse’ portion of the line, which might just pull me away from the need for deep peels. Maybe. Balancing the PH on this sucker was a BEAST, so we’ll keep testing it for now, and then I want to do another giveaway after you guys get in the groove with the wash and moisturizer. What do you think?

I used all three products yesterday with absolutely glowing results: IMG_1223

It’s not a secret that good skin leads to good makeup, and since I’ve battled my skin most of my teenage and adult life this is such a triumph for me. Keeping the surface of my skin attractive to moisture (not grease) and hostile to bacteria is a consistent learning process. But I’m so happy with the results! Wearing sheer makeup is now a daily occurrence, instead of a special treat.

Now in case you’re wondering about the color difference between my bare face and my made up one, understand that’s the difference between actual daylight and manufactured daylight. The bare faced photo was taken near my living fotd gaia makeuproom window in the morning, so there’s a crap ton of sunlight. The sun also really pulls my yellow undertones to the surface (sometimes to the point where I feel like I look kind of jaundiced). The makeup photo was taken later that night (hence no natural light) in front of the Diva Ring Light. That result is always more orange than yellow or neutral, which… let’s be honest… I really don’t mind. So I’m always super warm in my photos in the manufactured light.

This is Charlotte Tilbury Youth Wonder Foundation (which I still love more than the Magic stuff) in #9 with Nars Orgasm Blush and Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara. Lips are NARS Lip Cover in Undercover. I like this one so much better than Get Dirty, but overall I’m just not a fan of these lip covers. I didn’t even bother with the reds. These are just doing the most in the worst way and it takes too much for me to wear them so I don’t recommend them at all.

8 Replies to “More GAIA Goodness”

  1. I received my GAIA set and have been using them the last few days. Will report back after I give it some time for results. Do you have any other information about your GAIA line? Is there a post you can link me to? I’d like to know about the name and what we can expect the products to do individually as well as together. I have oilier skin so I’m always nervous about trying new moisturizers. So far this hasn’t made me any greasier, but the weather has been cool. Definitely like the cleanser.
    Is that the new CT mascara? My daughter sent me a link saying she wanted it. I replied that she has expensive tastes. LOL What are your thoughts on it?

    1. I’m glad you received your GAIA Linda! I will put up a full post for your guys about what it does and what to expect. I hadn’t actually thought of that before your request, so thank you. It uses fruit extracts and papaya to exfoliate your skin with enzymes instead of with something physical like a scrub. And I completely understand about having oily skin and the moisturizer. Use it at night instead of during the day and let it work as you sleep.

      1. I read your previous post on the mascara just after I commented. Sorry about that.

        I prefer enzymatic or chemical exfoliation to physical so GAIA is right up my alley. Today using the moisturizer I wasn’t overly oily so I’ll probably continue it during the day. However, I’m probably dehydrated due to allergy meds. Looking forward to your post!

  2. I absolutely love the cleanser. I am going to try the moisturizer tonight and report back. I tried the moisturizer under my spf moisturizer and I felt my face was heavy so I washed it off. But my face is definitely clearer just from the cleanser.

  3. I’m glad you love the cleanser Mel! Oily skins, I feel you on the weight of the moisturizer. You need just a touch to cover your whole face. And I’d definitely recommend using it at night (that’s what I do). And if you’re going to use an SPF moisturizer, mix them together instead of layering them. That way your skin doesn’t have to work as hard for all that absorption.

  4. I did it! My face was flawless. I have to say my skin has improved since using it. It looks brighter and more toned. It works well with my Sunday Riley Cashmere. No oiliness. Gonna try it with my La Mer Gel Cream.

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