FOTD: Two Hours of Sleep

Last night I was a child and I spent maybe a total of 5 hours gearing up for, seeing, and coming down from Captain America: Civil War. Today I must be an adult and fulfill all of the obligations that I foolishly set up. This snafu was not intentional. We got tickets to Cap MONTHS ago, and in the meantime I completely forgot that I would probably need to sleep today in post-nerd glory.

But life goes on.

When I’m sleepy, two things happen to my skin: all the color drains out of it and I end up really blotchy. My skin ends up looking kind of ashy and sallow. Not a good look. I’ve posted sleep deprived fotd’s in the past (lots of banana yellow to wake and warm me up), but the coverage was always so full. Considering my much more advanced skin care routine and better access to base formulations, this time I decided to go sheer and peach and a little golden.

First I put the Illamasqua AU on my face (I see I’m going to need to snap up a new one before they go away forever) as the primer, then La Prairie Hydra Tinted Moisturizer (in 40, which is normally too light for me. But it matches when I’m on the pale/sleep deprived side). The combo was a real glow that worked in my normally oily skin because the OTHER thing that happens when I’m on 2 hours of sleep is that my skin gets dehydrated. I only powdered through the center as a precaution with Innisfree.

OVER the powder (this works on my skin but I completely understand why it wouldn’t on others), I patted a little Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher in #3. On my tired skin, this formula will slip too much. But over a powder it holds and looks like my skin. I warmed up my skin by cheating with the Tom Ford Bronze Age to make it look like my actual skin color (I skipped the chin by accident. Shhhh, I’m only just noticing that), and made my cheeks a little rosy with Lunasol Glowing Powder Cheeks in Pink Coral (using more of the coral shade).

Eyes are massively simple with a dab of the creme portion of Lunasol Modeling Glossy Eyes in Warm Beige (BLESS Lisa Eldridge for bringing these palettes to my attention!), with a dusting of the medium brown shade over it. The result was a shimmer ‘skin’ like finish that looked like my actual skin tone. On a lighter person, the translation will be darker, but it’s a dead match for my skin. A teeny bit of kohl smooshed in my lashline, and  Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

Lips are Givenchy Lip Pencil in Brown, and Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Beige.

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