GAIA Shipping Update…

First shipment of GAIA gets picked up today for you lovelies! You’ll get shipment notifications (likely Friday and Saturday), as they are ticked off and shipped out. Thank fotd illamasqua shimmer base 2you so much for participating in this real-time testing phase. I look forward to your feedback! And PLEASE be honest… good or bad, feedback is feedback. From the way it looks to the way it smells and performs, I’d love to hear what you think. The Discovery Set sold out when we first released it, and so far so good. But I’m happy to get as much feedback as possible on it before the bigger containers hit the website.

You guys, I am still digging through the crates to discover all the makeup that I abandoned for new releases and other such crap. This purge is such a good idea for me. I’ve packed the equivalent of 3 large boxes of makeup items, tools and accessories. One of my friends who works with Look Good, Feel Better will pick up a few boxes. What’s left after friends/family snap things up will go to a few smaller charities that have already reached out for donations. I put it up on Instagram and got a bunch of requests. Look at that… social media did something GOOD for a change.

Now, before ya’ll start fussing about the cost of all this mess… please know that I didn’t pay for a majority of it. Being a Beauty Editor comes with some perks, one of which is massive shipments of things every season that, honestly, no one will ever buy. Lots of ribbons and hair ties and clips and mirrors and madness. In the middle of it all is sometimes a lovely makeup item that I’ll squeal over (and turn over for review with strict instructions to GIVE IT BACK after it’s been photographed). 😀  But afotd illamasqua shimmer base 1 lot of it is stuff that companies try out by sending to us first. Sometimes it’s physically released (brick and mortar)… sometimes it stays online. It really depends on how we react to it.

Now with that disclaimer (I’ve been online long enough to know that it’s needed), let’s get into this old ass makeup. Like I had to do a smell test to make sure the formulas wouldn’t melt my face off. Remember that Illamasqua AU Skin Base? They released it limited 100 years ago (but it’s magically still available), and thank GOODNESS for cool dark places (which is where my makeup lives) because damn if it didn’t keep! It’s not as shimmery as I remember (I recall my initial review was like OMG THE SHIMMER). But it’s still strong because when I layered NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (a new one ya’ll. I’m not completely crazy) over it, that shimmer still came through.

I dug out my old Chantecaille Save the Whales Face Palette and used the white and gold portion on my cheeks as blush. I boosted with a contour courtesy of Natasha Denona Face & Body Glow in Medium. The pink portion of Save the Whales is on my lids. Liner is By Terry and Mascara is Armani.

At some point I’ll get over these shiny ass lips. I don’t know what I’m going through. Base is Chanel Lipstick in Chalys, with MAC Golden Lip Gelee on top.

6 Replies to “GAIA Shipping Update…”

  1. I’ll be stalking the mailman for my package lol. I like this look-glossy lips and all. It’s a flashback of my younger days when my focal points were the lashes and glossy lips. That mascara is everything!

  2. Everyone should have their shipment notifications by Saturday at the latest, with tracking. So you’ll know exactly where it is until it gets to you. 🙂 I am SO in love with that mascara. I can’t believe I’m just really discovering it. It’s really amazing.

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