FOTD: Skin Fetish 003 in Nude

I’ll be honest.. this turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I went all super gold to support the other collection, but I thought the best way to show off the ‘nude’ nature of fotd skin fetish nude 1this one was to build it with contrast. So I went dark on the lips and heavy on the lashes and lashline to offset the iridescent nature of Skin Fetish 003 in Nude.

I didn’t feel like I could go as sheer on the base (white highlight can look like ‘grease’ on a sheer base, and just get worse with oily skin) so I opted for Burberry Cashmere Foundation in Camel. I ‘patted’ it on with a dense brush for full coverage, and then enhanced with Ardere Concealer in #5.

The ‘highlight’ portion of Skin Fetish Nude is on the tops of my cheeks, between my brows, and down the center of my nose. THEN I powdered over with Innissfree No Sebum powder (I’m not crazy enough to let all that sheen look like oil on my face). The cheeks are balanced with Rock & Republic Blush in Spank (oh how I miss this makeup line). What’s interesting about the highlighter in Nude is that it still has a warm golden sheen to it. It’s not straight up yellow gold like the otherfotd skin fetish nude one, but it is warm. I was expecting more of a ‘white’ finish, but I’d say this is definitely neutral enough for warm skintones and can be used without turning to complete ash.

I put the iridescent pink pigment on my lids. I KNOW ya’ll didn’t think I was putting that mess on my cheeks! You guys know better. I’m not looking like a douchebag novice for the sake of makeup art. 30 pounds less and 1 foot more and then I could just be all zen and ‘modely’ and say that I was life’s canvas or some bullshit. But I’m old enough to know better so ya’ll will have to get your kicks on Youtube or Instagram, ’cause I’m not the one. 😉 I finished with a gentle line from By Terry Line Designer in Black Ink and a healthy dose of Geisha Ink Mascara (which clumped a bit. SMH).

Lips are stained with Beauty Liqui-Gel Stain in Harlot, with a Habibi Lip Therapy on top. I rubbed out the edges to give it a ‘bruised’ effect. No lipliner. The more imprecise, the better.

Look at those damn brows! It’s about that time…



2 Replies to “FOTD: Skin Fetish 003 in Nude”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I think I’d be interested in the highlight shade, but the rest of the set I don’t want so it’s a pass for me. The Golden is so yellow. I don’t really want to mess with that one either.

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