FOTD Skin Fetish (Golden)

So… I pulled out the Golden version of this set and used it. Just like I thought, that brush fotd skin fetish goldhas GOT TO GO. I tried to use that thing… slappy ass mess. Fingers work wonders. You honestly don’t need a brush at all. And a little goes a long way because this gold is very very yellow. You can go from glow to disco in 0-60 if you’re not careful.

I put it on the high planes of my cheeks, down the center of my nose, and on my eyelids. The rest of the face kind of caught the glow on its own. The highlight side of the stick and the pigment are suitable for my oily skin. I’m avoiding the balm like the plague. Maybe on a more adventurous day I’ll rub that grease on my face, but today is NOT that day.

To keep the look minimal and complementary, I used Becca Luminous Skin Color (which they may not even make anymore. I found it while doing a deep clean… so trifling. But it’s still good and works like a dream). I brushed the brows thick and high with Anastasia Brow Definer, and finished the eyes with Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara (I keep tryin to tell ya’ll). Lips are Chanel in Patchouli (remember that color? Also discovered in the deep clean… and still good! Unlike all of my old Tom Ford… SMH.)

Golden is definitely a warm toned preference. The gold can go very metallic if you go to heavy. So light touch, fingers to apply, and you should be all good.

2 Replies to “FOTD Skin Fetish (Golden)”

  1. I looooooooove this! It’s like a bronzed goddess look. I hope Chanel still makes this lip color although not sure if it will wear as well on me.

  2. Thank you! I only put the highlighter in those few places but my WHOLE FACE caught it. It wore well all day BUT it’s so yellow, even for me. I think I prefer the nude highlighter stick because it’s much more neutral.

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