So apparently I have to type this all over again because my initial post was magically erased. Stupid keyboard. I’m so irritated right now. I’ll just let the Instagram posts speak for themselves:

Raggedy. Trifling. Rude. Unacceptable.

I’m tired.


*cracking knuckles*

Okay lets try this again. I got my keyboard professionally cleaned (don’t judge) and everything is ship shape again. SO…

We get an ‘early access code’ from the unprepared folks at Pat McGrath Labs that will help everyone log on an hour ahead of time (8am  PST). At 7:59, the damn thing crashed. Wouldn’t let you put in the access code. Nothing. Folks were opening up multiple windows, using multiple navigators… just a blank white page. And on the off chance that you were able to get the access code to actually work (the thing kept saying INVALID PASSWORD), the whole site would refresh itself and shut down again!

People (including me) were LIVID. This was some MAC level shenanigans (which is partially why I don’t mess with MAC much anymore. That, and the substandard makeup that continues to decline in quality with every half-baked launch). I honestly expected better from the Legend. I did. It was awful. Her instagram was BLOWING UP with folks telling her that she should have known better (they promoted the HELL out of this thing) and that she needs to invest in a stronger IT team. Right on both counts. They sent out a billion emails, reminders, built buzz on every social media and magazine platform on the planet…

And there’s some confusion on their end about why the website would crash? Really? Plus, they only released 700 for the early offering. No word on how many were made for the rest of mankind (or how many will end up at Sephora next week).

And you KNOW mofos were trying to snap up multiples to sell on ebay. Just ugh all the way around. I had to purchase each one separately (the site was too slow to navigate between pages). I refused to pay an extra $25 for 2-day shipping, so I figure mine will get here some time in 2017. So ridiculous. My days of scrapping in the dust with hoarders and ebay vultures are over. Or so I thought.

I don’t even have the earlier Instagram posts screenshot because I WAS TOO BUSY TRYING TO BUY THESE STUPID THINGS. But they’re all up on Pat’s Instagram. Have fun scrolling through the crazy.

These things better be worth it. I’m gonna be walking around looking like a shiny ass alien because I am DETERMINED to get my time and my money’s worth.

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