MAC Dej Loaf

I’ll be honest: when this popped up in my inbox I was all set to pass. MAC lipglass is not my favorite product. The icky sticky formula attracts every lint particle and bug on the planet, not to mention it ends up looking like waxed death on fuller lips past one or two hours. BUT after some mental back and forth, I decided to try it out.


Here’s the thing: for those of you old enough to remember, Dej Loaf Lipglass is what Oh fotd dej loafBaby SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Back when MAC was independent enough to make its own decisions about what Makeup Art Cosmetics should mean to the people (before being absorbed by corporate behemoth Estee Lauder), it released one of the first of many favorites in the lipglass deparment. Everyone I knew snapped up as many tubes of Oh Baby as they could get their hands on, because it LOOKED LIKE a mid-tone sparkle nude. In reality, it was a sparkly greasy too ashy hot ass mess. But we wore it anyway (with Cork lip liner) and called it a beauty success.

But it appears that everything comes around, because when I put this lipglass on I immediately did a little dance. It reminded me of my hopeful former self when I got my hands on my first tube of Oh Baby and just KNEW it was gonna be my go to nude. This one.. it turns out.. totally can be.


3 Replies to “MAC Dej Loaf”

    1. I do NOT blame you for throwing up the peace sign at MAC lipglasses. They just really aren’t the best. This one isn’t dupeable that I know of, but I’ll dig around and see if I can find something comparable. It’s a much more realistic version of what a nude should be on my skin tone. Oh Baby was NOT it. lol

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