FOTD: Ombre Lip

I’m fairly sure the whole ‘ombre lip’ thing is about as tired as a Vegas showgirl at 11am,  fotd ombre lipbut for some reason I just felt like doing it. Burberry lipstick in Oxblood was calling my name, so I figured what the heck on this partly cloudy Spring day.

First, a well deserved shout out to Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow (Dore). It’s such a deceiving little thing! It looks way too light in a swatch and even on my skin… for about five minutes. And then it kind of sinks in and I end up looking ‘lit.’ I warmed it up with Tom Ford Bronze Age Bronzer because I am not up for anybody’s flashback. That ship filled with ‘too light/ashy looking’ foundation has sailed and it is never coming back.

No powder today (whaaaaaaaaaaaat) save for that bronzer around the edges and Tom Ford Gold Dust very lightly through the center. I’m trying to preserve the ‘glow’ so… yeah. Plus I’m really working on this thing where I don’t dry out my skin and get it to thinking that it needs to produce more oil to compensate (Yes, Jennifer showed me that too). Since actively working to ‘balance’ my skin with my skincare, I’ve produced so much less oil in general, so I’m experimenting with also trying it out in my makeup.

Blush is one of the epic Kiko ones… this time in 100. Might be my favorite. It’s this cool bronze color and it just lights my skin up without actally adding too much color. I grabbed the brown Troy Surrat pencil and popped it on my lashline and smudged it under my waterline, and finished with Armani Mascara.

Now to the lips. Burberry Oxblood lip pencil, Burberry Oxblood Lipstick, and Dose of Colors matte liquid lip in Sand in the center.

So 90’s.


2 Replies to “FOTD: Ombre Lip”

  1. My skin will never be in danger of being too dry. LOL I have to balance it to keep it from getting too OILY. I no longer layer products because it makes my skin work too hard, and it responds by producing too much oil.

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