BLUSHED with Kiko

So Kiko Milano is having this RIDICULOUS sale, and marking all of their Soft Touch Blushes (regularly $12) down to $3.90. Ummm this kind of thing is waaaaaay to good to pass up, so I didn’t.

kiko blush 1

Top Left is 100, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106…

Bottom Left is 107, 108, 109, 110 and 111.

Swatches read the same from left to right.

kiko blush 2

kiko blush 3

LISTEN. All of these blushes are FANTASTIC. The silky formula is packed with pigmentation. I can wear every single color, even those pale pinks there in the bottom row. They blend so beautifully. I put on #105 (with is a brown-rose on me) as a half contour and blended it up into Charlotte Tilbury’s highlighter:

Ya’ll pour out a little toner for the blemishes of Christmas past. This mess is basically all cleared up! fotd kikoDon’t tell me I don’t know how to take care of my skin. Years of trial and LOTS OF ERROR and I’ve learned so much. Jennifer taught me to create a healthy environment on the surface of my skin to discourage blemishes. So the idea is that even if they show up, the environment is so hostile to them that they can’t hope to survive. So even though you can still see a little evidence of Hector on my left cheek (and his cousin a little below that), the rest of my skin is basically blemish free. And Hector is fading a little bit more every day, and is undetectable under full coverage (which I really don’t like)  What makes me happiest is that my skin care routine  hasn’t even deviated a little bit. It’s just way pared down. So I don’t layer nearly as much. It’s still all Habibi all the time, but more serums and less creams and oils (my skin just doesn’t want to work that hard to process layers).

Now about this makeup… another sandwich technique with powder/foundation/powder and my trusty Innissfree Powder. The foundation is Guerlain Lingerie de Peau… sheered out as much as possible with Habibi Spirit Serum (which has a ton of oil-free slip due to hyaluronic acid). All I wanted was the ‘tint’ of the foundation without any actual coverage. You already know about the contour/blush/highlight combo. The eyes are hella simple with Viseart Minx 02 in the top lightest layers (matte beige, then shimmer on top)… Linda the swatches are coming. 🙂 MAC Nearly Natural eyeliner makes the flick and Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara finishes the eyes. Lips are Smith & Cult Lip Gloss in Flesh Riot.




One Reply to “BLUSHED with Kiko”

  1. I died at pour some toner out. You are hilarious.

    I was going to say I love the eyeshadow and scroll down to see it is Viseart. I suspect I will pick up two of these theory palettes when they stock at Sephora. They’re well done combos.

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