Swatches: Ardere Concealer

As promised, here are pictures of the Ardere Concealers in 3, 4, and 5.

3 is a lighter peach. 4 is distinctly yellow. 5 is a darker peach. They look like they translate easily to warmer skin tones in the tube, but the swatches on the company website make them appear a LOT darker than they actually are. Gotta be the lighting or something because those swatches are NOT true.

ardere 2

See how light they are? 5 works best for me as a concealer and subtle highlighter. Unless I’m doing full on drag, those other two colors are not really for me. I can do some inner eye work and extreme highlighting, but that’s about it.

To Amena (owner of Ardere), GET A LIGHT BOX! It’s cheap. Seriously, go to ebay and handle your situation. Those swatches on the site are horrid, and because this is an online company, it’s nearly impossible to get a match without some serious help.

I miss Karla Sugar.  I do. That woman would photograph every foundation and concealer under the rainbow and you could just look at her arm and know IMMEDIATELY what your color was. We need more of that in our lives. Just saying.


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