Quick Fix: Dr. Jart Micro Jet Clearing Solution

It’s heating up around here.

Friggin 99 degrees today and my skin is like “Ummm excuse me ma’am! We need some help!” So I picked up a Dr Jart Clearing Sheet Mask and so far, so very very good.

I just bought one from Sephora, but I’m going to get a pack because I’m really impressed. First of all, the mask is microfiber (not silicone), so it really sticks to your face. I can hang my face in a forward fold, and nothing will happen to the mask. It just stays in place. I kept it on for 20 minutes, removed it and patted in the rest of the solution.

As soon as I took it off, I noticed that some redness that popped up this morning was gone. No irritation (although the glutathione made me hesitate because I got a shot of that crap once and it broke me out all to be damned. So maybe this is a lower dose. Dunno). And my skin is smooth, which is a definite bonus.

But at the moment my skin is happy. So I’m happy too.

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