FOTD: Turnaround

In ONE DAY, Jennifer managed to reduce my hormone-infused blemish (whom I’ve UN-affectionately named Hector) by half. It was so inflamed… my goodness! She had to STICK A NEEDLE IN HIM to relieve pressure! WHY? Ugh. I feel much better though, and the inflammation is going down. A little bit of concealer, and you can hardly tell he’s even there. I even got to wear tinted moisturizer (of the NARS variety, of course), instead of a full coverage foundation:

Jennifer handled these brows while I was laying there letting her do what she does best. I am so grateful for her and Hillary (who sent me to her). I have such a deeper understanding of skin care, and it’s helped to further my education about not just my skin, but others as well from the inside out. We trade information, skin secrets, Habibi (she is a massive fan of our lotion and body balm), beauty secrets (and lots of makeup). She is such a blessing.


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