FOTD: Blue Line

There are a lot of ‘not okay’ things going on with my face right now, but I decided to go fotd blue liner 1ahead and do something with makeup anyway. Damn hormones SHOWED OUT over the weekend and damn if I don’t have three pimples, some kind of random lesion under my eye and an insane eyebrow growth spurt! WTH!

But I’m breathing.

I’m also going to see Jennifer today because these brows need to be handled and I want her to calm this madness down. All that gorgeous skin after my peel and this freakin’ face decided to flip me off and act a fool? Not on my watch! NOT.ON.MY.WATCH.

So the foundation had to be kind of serious to deal with the madness that’s happening right now. I used YSL Fusion Ink, which is my ‘break glass in case of emergency’ foundation. It’s light to the touch but the coverage is off the chain. Very necessary right about now. I did some extra maintenance with Ardere Cosmetics Flawless Concealers in 4 and 5 (through the brows, under the eyes, around the nose and on both sides of my mouth). Listen, the swatches on these products are absolute crap, so let me help you. These concealers run light… and I mean LIGHT. The 5 is best for my face because of an incredible peach base that doesn’t oxidize. 3 is for super highlighting purposes, and 4 is very yellow. If you go by the swatches on the site you are gonna be mad as hell. I don’t know if they forgot to turn a light on, but all that rich undertone you see on the website is not true. These are hella light and super opaque, so unless you’re trying to purposely do cake face, a light touch is necessary. I have 3, 4 and 5 (which I bought based on the crap swatches). I’ll swatch them on my warm skintone under proper light in a separate post.

The eyes are super simple. I lined with MUFE Artist Eyeliner in Majorelle Blue on the waterline and the lashline. I followed with a basic black just inside the lashline to darken the base of the blue shade. Then I buffed it out the lashline with Natasha Denona eyeshadow in Blue Space. I followed with Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara, and put Chanel Nude liner and Japonesque Lip Lacquer in 01 on my lips.

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