TCA Peel: Day 3

Oh the peeling is happening… it’s happening! Not even makeup can fix it now. I just have to let it run its course. The only crappy thing is I have to cover The Makeup Show this weekend and I’m gonna look like I’m shedding. Ah well.

You can really see the difference in texture between my old skin and my new skin! Love it. One of the interesting things is that the layer that’s shedding is thinner than I thought it would be, and it’s kind of elastic. So I can’t mess with it at all or I’ll end up damaging the new skin. It’s not like it’s dry at the edges and will just flake off. If I try to pull it, it stretches, and then it might expose new skin before that skin is ready. So I’m just gonna let it do what it’s going to do. Meanwhile, my makeup is much the same tonally as yesterday, with the exception of no shimmer. On the eyes is the brown/ochre color in the Becca Ombre Rouge palette, and I’m wearing some random apricot colored blush from Milani. Lips are Marc Jacobs in Mahogany with the Hot Makeup Bright Future lip gloss over it.

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