TCA Peel & Musings On Maintenance

Yesterday I went down for a TCA peel. My skin was crazy amazing immediately after, but this morning it’s more like snakeskin… really tight just before the big shed:

You can see the texture around the cheek area, and that’s even after a crap ton of moisturizer and a very hydrating tinted moisturizer. My skin is just drinking everything. But I have to function outside of the house for the next few days, so makeup (and tons of sunscreen) is happening. Such is life. I have to stay out of heat for 2 days (no yoga sculpt? Boo!) and do as little as possible to it while it sheds away the old layers. I better not get any hyper-pigmentation. That’s all I’m saying. This is my first TCA peel, and I’ve seen some shenanigans with my melanin-infused counterparts. If y’all hear me cussing like a crazy person in the next 48 hours, you know what happened.

I was talking to my friend after the peel and she playfully commented that I live sort of like a Lady of Leisure… what with yoga and peels and facials and what not. I thought that was kind of funny, since I don’t really consider any of these activities reserved for that particular set. I just consider it maintenance. Kind of like taking a shower every day.

It got me thinking about the reason that Habibi even exists. I’ve been officially making my own skin care for more than a decade, and long before then I was pulling together things for my daily maintenance. When I first started selling Habibi, I’d have to tell people to USE IT UP and stop saving it for a special occasion. My products are alive and carry a shelf life. So they can’t just hang out in your bathroom until you decide to pull them out for a staycation. Although they are full of ALL THE GOOD THINGS, they are designed to be used every day. How is your skin gonna glow if you only apply the good stuff once in a while? That sort of thing has never made sense to me.

And it’s just become more of a non-negotiable practice as I’ve gotten older.

I feel the same way about facials and peels and yoga and what not. These are not ‘special occasion’ activities. They are part of my regular maintenance. I just have the one body, right? I’d like it to be in the best shape it can be. That means from the inside out, I’m taking care of it the best way I know how (and that upgrades each time I gain insight on the best way to take care of me). I’ve been doing it for so long that I don’t see the activities as occasional things… but regularly scheduled things… like a shower.

Once upon a time these might have been considered exclusive activities, but honestly there are so many ways to get things done that it’s a bit inexcusable. Most of what’s included in my maintenance is part of some trade deal. I’m so serious. I get free yoga because I teach yoga (thanks to 3 certifications that I invested in. Those things were not cheap). Just like people who teach at the gym get free memberships. I make all of my own skin care, so there’s that… and I trade and barter out the rest. Really. I’m not spending $$$$ to look like a Real Housewife. And even if I was, so what.

At the end of the day, we spend time, effort, and money on what’s important to us. We all have the same 24 hours. How we choose to use it is entirely up to us. My health and wellness and overall appearance is important to me, so I use my time accordingly. The rest is just… well you know.


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