All Bronze Everything feat. La Mer

So La Mer decided to get in on the bronzer game and released an exclusive compact through Bloomingdales. I guess they had a meeting on how to NOT look like everyone else, because this bronzer features a palette that looks a lot like Guerlain. The good news is, like Guerlain, the colors work together to give you an overall glow without shimmer or oxidizing and pulling orange.

They also released a fantastic bronzing brush that costs too much, and is totally unnecessary. But if you want to do the most (*raises hand), it’s a really dense face brush that fotd la merpicks up a ton of product and spreads it to all the places. Of course using these two meant that I had to do all bronze everything, so I used the Guerlain African Rhythm Bronzer as blush. I used ‘Skin’ from the Natasha Denona Palette (I know, I KNOW) on both the lid and under the lashline. Then I popped the Tom Ford Metallic Mink Pencil on my lashline and in my waterline. Lips are a combo of Louboutin Lip Pencil in Safki and Anastasia Lip Gloss in Gilded.

I dare say this will work on just about anyone with my shade (MAC NC 43/44) or lighter. On me it’s my actual skin tone, so I don’t really get a deep ‘bronzing’ effect that a lighter skin tone would. On a darker skin tone than mine, it’ll serve as a very warm highlight or color corrector in the places where you want to insert light. The addition of a peach color really makes it correct minor discolorations, so if you’ve got fairly blemish free skin, you can buff this in like a sheer powder foundation. Just so you know, the folks at La Mer (Estee Lauder) decided that they don’t give a damn about your skin with this product, so please put on some sunscreen before you use this. Guys, you should have made it protective… especially for $85. Just saying.

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