FOTD: Turnaround

In ONE DAY, Jennifer managed to reduce my hormone-infused blemish (whom I’ve UN-affectionately named Hector) by half. It was so inflamed… my goodness! She had to STICK A NEEDLE IN HIM to relieve pressure! WHY? Ugh. I feel much better though, and the inflammation is going down. A little bit of concealer, and you can hardly tell he’s even there. I even got to wear tinted moisturizer (of the NARS variety, of course), instead of a full coverage foundation:

Jennifer handled these brows while I was laying there letting her do what she does best. I am so grateful for her and Hillary (who sent me to her). I have such a deeper understanding of skin care, and it’s helped to further my education about not just my skin, but others as well from the inside out. We trade information, skin secrets, Habibi (she is a massive fan of our lotion and body balm), beauty secrets (and lots of makeup). She is such a blessing.


FOTD: Blue Line

There are a lot of ‘not okay’ things going on with my face right now, but I decided to go fotd blue liner 1ahead and do something with makeup anyway. Damn hormones SHOWED OUT over the weekend and damn if I don’t have three pimples, some kind of random lesion under my eye and an insane eyebrow growth spurt! WTH!

But I’m breathing.

I’m also going to see Jennifer today because these brows need to be handled and I want her to calm this madness down. All that gorgeous skin after my peel and this freakin’ face decided to flip me off and act a fool? Not on my watch! NOT.ON.MY.WATCH.

So the foundation had to be kind of serious to deal with the madness that’s happening right now. I used YSL Fusion Ink, which is my ‘break glass in case of emergency’ foundation. It’s light to the touch but the coverage is off the chain. Very necessary right about now. I did some extra maintenance with Ardere Cosmetics Flawless Concealers in 4 and 5 (through the brows, under the eyes, around the nose and on both sides of my mouth). Listen, the swatches on these products are absolute crap, so let me help you. These concealers run light… and I mean LIGHT. The 5 is best for my face because of an incredible peach base that doesn’t oxidize. 3 is for super highlighting purposes, and 4 is very yellow. If you go by the swatches on the site you are gonna be mad as hell. I don’t know if they forgot to turn a light on, but all that rich undertone you see on the website is not true. These are hella light and super opaque, so unless you’re trying to purposely do cake face, a light touch is necessary. I have 3, 4 and 5 (which I bought based on the crap swatches). I’ll swatch them on my warm skintone under proper light in a separate post.

The eyes are super simple. I lined with MUFE Artist Eyeliner in Majorelle Blue on the waterline and the lashline. I followed with a basic black just inside the lashline to darken the base of the blue shade. Then I buffed it out the lashline with Natasha Denona eyeshadow in Blue Space. I followed with Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara, and put Chanel Nude liner and Japonesque Lip Lacquer in 01 on my lips.

FOTD: Naked Glow

Okay, so this is inspired by my friend Hillary who does a FULL FACE OF MAKEUP with no foundation. Her skin is that good. Since I’ve been under serious maintenance lately (peels and what not), I decided to try the ‘no foundation’ look out for myself.

Okay so this is what’s happening. I have Innisfree No Sebum Powder all over to take down my signature shine. Then I triple layered Natasha Denona’s All Over Glow Powders on my cheeks (dark, medium and light, respectively). I brushed the eyebrows through with the Suqqu pen in Brown (most closely imitates ‘hairs’), and applied a healthy dose of Chantecaille’s Faux Cils Longest Lash. I finished it all with Japonesque Lip Lacquer in 01.


FOTD: Natasha Denona Raw Gold

The Natasha Denona 10-palette was up for grabs on Beautylish and I didn’t hesitate. None of these colors are in the 28 palettes, so there’s no danger of a repeat. This palette is all shimmer, but the colors are SO creamy and subtle that you can get away with wearing just about any combination.fullsizerender37_zps434w3zg6


For my first run through, I grabbed the gorgeous shades in Raw Gold and Dark Sepia (two on the bottom right).

Raw Gold is all over the lids and under the waterline. Dark Sepia is HIGHLY diffused through the crease. MAC Nearly Naked liquid liner on the lashline and Tom Ford Metallic Mink on the waterline. Cheeks are Natasha Denona Blush Palette in #11, and lips are Chanel Lip Pencil in Nude and Anastasia Lip Gloss in Gilded.


Swatches: MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Pencils

One of the previews at The Makeup Show was for the new MUFE Aqua XL Pencils. The claim is that they stay on until you take them off. There are 20(?) colors. I ended up with the 4 most wearable ones because I’m past the point of buying up a whole bunch of makeup that I am NOT going to use on others or wear myself.

mufe xl pencils 1 mufe xl pencils

The formula is super creamy and easy to apply, and they really don’t budge. But honestly I don’t see how they’re any different from their predecessors (which also don’t move on me). So I guess. They were 50% off and I use all of those colors early and often, so win/win. I used the olive color all over my lid and boosted it with a green/brown duochrome from Natasha Denona’s 28 palette. It did not move, and stayed vibrant all day. I also wore it ‘under’ my waterline, and it stayed put. So maybe MUFE is doing more than just making noise.

The pencils are available on April 1st.

The Makeup Show: NARS & Natasha Denona

Here’s part of the haul in swatches and practical application. Like I said before, I was really there to see about the Natasha Denona glow stuff up close and personal. Sometimes I feel like I can go on highlighter overkill and I wanted to see if her Face and Body Glows were worth my time. They are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t let the dark colors fool you (doesn’t that medium shade look completely crazy?). The finish is so much brighter on the skin, and the texture is out of this world. These things are to DIE for. All of them. As you can see, I couldn’t just pick one. I had to have all three. They are worth it. Just stunning.

My other big prize came from NARS. The Liquid Laguna Bronzer is EVERYTHING. Whew! It’s thin and literally sinks into the skin with just a little warming. I had to use too much to get the swatch because it absorbs that quickly. Ya’ll know this is going to be my summer foundation.

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I am SPRUNG. The girl at NARS put it on my skin and I didn’t hesitate. I’m just coming off fotd denona glowthis peel too? Honey! Just glowing skin with little to no effort… I’m there! You see that little raggedy pimple is still trying to hang around on my cheek. Whatever. It’s shrinking. I’m not doing anything to it because I’m not scarring up this skin. I worked too hard for it. The Liquid Laguna is the base, with the ALL THREE (what?) Natasha Denona bronzers layered on the cheeks. I didn’t even set it with anything. This temporarily dry skin (side effect of the peel) is totally working out to my advantage. I put the lightest bronzer on my lids, and lined them with the new MUFE Aqua XL pencil (available in April) in matte brown. Lips are OCC Lip Tar in Artifact. Swatches of those are coming.