FOTD: Tatcha Sunrise Plum Blossom

It’s always refreshing to wade through the piles of new makeup releases for Spring and Summer and come across an absolute gem.

Tatcha has long set itself apart with quiet elegance, promising to share with us the secret of the Geisha that we too may blossom into beauty perfection. The company’s latest offering is a limited edition lipstick in the color Plum Blossom. It’s a gorgeous soft pink that will pull more plum or purple on fair skins. On me, it’s a perfect medium pink. It has 23 karat gold in it, but there is no sheen of gold to speak of so I’m guessing it’s something incorporated into the formula that’s not meant to show up after the fact.

You cannot imagine how exquisite this packaging is. The bullet has substantial weight to it. It feels nearly ceramic in weight and finish. The embossing on the cover and logo are tatcha sunriseboth bold and delicate at the same time. I am over the moon about the packaging, and the color itself just adds to my affection for this lipstick.

The shade is so universal that you know they put thought into it before release (Guerlain are you paying attention?). When you unveil a limited edition lipstick, it’s probably a good idea to make sure as many people are attracted to it as possible. I cannot count the amount of companies that crap out a random pink, slap it in pretty packaging, and hope that you’re so attracted to the ‘limited’ nature of the product that you don’t notice that the shade itself looks like vomit. This shade is so flattering and effortless that it’s practically idiot proof for me. I’m talking toss on in the back of the car, no mirror, in the dark kind of idiot proof. And because the color isn’t overwhelming, it’s easy to build a face around it. You can go bold or soft… this lipstick doesn’t care. It’ll just adapt to whatever you’re down for, and wear beautifully with no complaints.

I am sprung. This might be my staple for the season… and maybe beyond. I just need to put it in a little velvet pouch to carry around ’cause I’m not messing up that bullet. It’s literally too gorgeous to even think about damaging in any way. I haven’t been this respectful to a makeup item since… well…

I can’t even remember.

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