Swatches: Tom Ford Honeymoon

If you have the Burnished Amber Quad from Tom Ford (now discontinued), don’t worry about reading further. But if you missed out on the golden burgundy goodness that was Burnished Amber, then Honeymoon is a must have.


honeymoon 1

The difference between the old quad and this one is the finish. Remember the high gloss finish of Nude Dip? All but the darkest shade in this one has the same finish. As I understand it, the high gloss satin finish will be permanent on all Tom Ford quads going forward (although at least one of the new ones have that feature glitter shade that you have to apply with fingers).

This is very warm, and suits warmer toned skin like mine better than cooler pale tones. There are four other permanent quad releases this season, that will work on many other tones beautifully. I’m still on the fence about Last Dance, but that’ll probably make it into my collection soon.

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