NARS Matte Skin Tint

Okay, maybe I was a little harsh out the gate.

Here’s the thing: the lack of coverage is the thing that stands out the most to me. But the actual ‘tinting’ part really kind of works if you do it right. A little goes a long way.

First, kudos to NARS for keeping the colors the same as the RTM, because I would have had a meltdown if I’d have to match all over again. The formula is a little odd, with it being matte with no coverage. So you really have to have relatively good skin to pull this off without any help. And right now my skin is cussing me out so I have to mix it with the RTM to get the coverage just right.

nars tintnars tint 1nars tint 4nars tint 3nars tint 2

See how it disappears? I imagine this is a selling point for NARS, but the lack of coverage thing is really a trip. Before my skin decided to go completely insane, I managed to put it on with the Becca Ombre Rouge Palette (LOVE LOVE LOVE) for a daytime smoke thing:

I’ll keep messing with it, and I’ll keep you posted.

4 Replies to “NARS Matte Skin Tint”

  1. Just tried this today in Annapurna. Epic! I love this stuff! It’s a little drier than I expected so I’ll have to moisturize underneath, but for me, it covers better than the tinted moisturizer and it has that fragrance that I LOVE.

  2. I’m happy that you found your match! It is drier, but that’s good for the coming Summer, at least on my skin. I still prefer the tinted moisturizer, but I’m nicer to this tint now that I’ve figured out how to use it.

  3. I actually liked this. A little bit more than the regular TM. I hadn’t noticed the lack of coverage though. I think I went in using it as something to even out my skintone and provide spf. Used it EVERYDAY when I was out there b/c I forgot my spf. LOL It’s perfect for beach days. Now that my face is starting to act up, I’ll have to see how I like it now.
    Did you notice with this and the regular TM that they fade unevenly and fast? Not sure if it is me, product or I need to set with a different powder.

  4. I’ve never had a problem with the original TM. It is perfect for me. I like the skin tint (I was definitely harsh out the gate) as a ‘drier’ counterpart to the TM. Now I use it if I want a matte finish. I use the TM when I want a dewy one.

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