With a little Help from my Friends…

I don’t know about you, but I’m hard pressed to ask for help for anything. As a result, it fotd ombre rougepreviously made it harder to surrender to the place of receiving because I was unhealthily accustomed to giving. Since I got really serious about my practice several years ago, this has changed little by little. So although I still don’t regularly ask for help… when someone offers it, I don’t hesitate to accept it.

Such is the case with the current state of my skin. So… you guys know that I manufacture skin care. In any testing phase, Patient Zero is usually me. Since my company was borne of necessity (my oily, acne prone, sensitive skin rejected everything that I threw at it), I constantly change and adjust and adapt to keep up with the age and needs for my particular face.

Now, I seem to have hit a wall. When Jennifer saw my acid-related ‘wounds'(one that she’s successfully closed, and the the other that I have to let heal on its own) and offered to help, I didn’t hesitate. She saw me again yesterday and told me that part of the problem is corepower logothat my skin is consistently working and shedding because I’m either teaching in, or practicing in heat. In all of the things that I’ve learned and done, that honestly never occurred to me. So I NEVER adjusted for it! I’ve been combating a problem (two hormonal cysts that I burned off… which triggered irritation around the treated areas) that I didn’t understand I was personally causing. So she’s put me on a skin diet.


NO exfoliating, NO toner, NO extra serums, NO LAYERS. Ya’ll this is going to be interesting. I love the ritual of skin care. I love the pace, layering, and feeling of doing good to my hair, face and body. The no toner thing might be the worst. LOL. I LOVE TONER! And mine is more of an ‘essence‘ so there’s no alcohol or harsh chemicals. But Jennifer doesn’t want my skin to work harder than it has to (to absorb) until it’s healed.

spirit serum

I’m allowed cleanser and serum (two daily drops into a spot of sunscreen). PERIOD.

Four Weeks.

Pray for me.

4 Replies to “With a little Help from my Friends…”

  1. Hello Shahada,
    That’s going to be rough loll. I to like the skincare facial routine (especially at night). One question. Do you use a Retinol? If so, can you use it with this “new” routine.
    Side note: I love your products 🙂

    1. It IS gonna be rough! OMG. I’m trying to breathe! 😀 I can’t use ANYTHING with this new routine. And she even wrote it down so that I don’t try to get cute and circumvent it with adding something (I’m good for sliding in an essential oil or ‘boost’ ingredient. LOL). She wants me to heal first, and then start to add back to my regular routine. Kind of like what doctors do with allergies. Eliminate everything, heal, then add slowly and pinpoint the issue.
      Side note: I’M SO HAPPY YOU LOVE HABIBI! I really am. I created the products with absolute love. I am always over the moon when someone loves them as much as me. 🙂

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