Gwen Stefani (Urban Decay X) Blush Palette


Okay, love with a caveat. Here’s the thing. This palette is worth every penny in terms of size, versatility and wearablility. I’d love it if some of the colors were better thought out. Despite the way the product photographs, the pinks are PINK, with no real warmth or dimension. LoFi could be darker and honestly OC looks like an eyeshadow (like the new Tom Ford Sphinx: gold with a pink underlayer). It’s a cheapened lip filled surgical nightmare. I’m tryna figure out what UD is saying about that part of Southern California because it looks so ‘trying too hard’ Barbie fake, especially on the cheeks. Like, eww.

But the good news is, all of these colors can be swirled together for a bespoke result. And THAT gorgeously cancels out the rest.

stefani blush 1

stefani x blush

stefani blush 2

Be warned: this formula is loosely packed so a swipe of a brush will give you more powder and pickup than you might want. Plus it can get everywhere. So PAT the brush instead of swirling, and keep the ‘less is more’ philosophy and layer as you  like.

I layered LoFi and OC, then added Angel as a highlight:

FOTD Stefani X

Get into it. You’ll be glad you did.

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