Gwen Stefani (Urban Decay X): Phone Call Lipstick

Okay this collection is coming in pieces, so as they trickle in (Urban Decay DRAGGED about shipping! OMG) I’ll review. I got the blush palette … and the lipsticks and pencils in Phone Call, Firebird, and Rock Steady. The pencils and the lipsticks are the EXACT same color so I’ll skip the pencil portion. Seen one, seen ’em all. I will say that they are super easy to use… they ‘glide’ like the Urban Decay gel eye pencils. You can fill in the entire lip for a lovely pigmented ‘matte’ look in any of the colors. Urban Decay did amazing with this collection. Ya’ll already know that I love the eyeshadow palette.

The first thing to show up was the Lipstick in Phone Call. It’s a sheer(ish) strawberry pink that wears really well on my warm skin tone.

phone 2

phone call

phone call 1

So pretty! It’s super hydrating, and the pencil is the ‘exact’ same color (I’m wearing it in the lip swatch.

When the other two get here, I’ll swatch those as well. Ciao for now!


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