Yes! MUFE HD Concealer

I think I might have to cheat on Charlotte Tilbury’s The Retoucher for this… at least for a little while. MUFE HD Concealer is just about everything. From actual amount of product needed to performance and staying power, I defy you to find a better concealer that does so much with so little.

This is Y(yellow)41:

mufe hd

mufe hd 5

mufe hd 4

mufe 3

mufe hd 2

mufe hd 1

You see how smooth the center of the last picture is? That’s the concealer. Yeah. It completely disappeared and covered without LOOKING LIKE concealer. A whole bunch of Youtube and Instagram makeup artists are gonna be so confused. No more using 15 pounds of concealer (I die a little bit every time someone whips out the Maybelline version and swipes 100 times under their eye area) to conceal and highlight. This product is so effective that it removes the need to use any additional product.

And good luck trying to ‘bake’ (The Queens called and want you to stop co-opting their fabulous and mucking it up) this stuff, because it sets so fast that any baking might give you a chicken skin effect.

People are either going to love it or hate it. I love it.

12 Replies to “Yes! MUFE HD Concealer”

  1. Awesome! I never could quite get the CT Retoucher to work for me- I have terrible dark circles. My go-to has been Smashbox BB Cream Eyes. Will give this one a try! Thanks for the review!

  2. I have an unopened tube of NARS so I shouldn’t get this but I’m so tempted. I may wait a few months. I have so many products I’m afraid a lot of them are expiring.

    1. I ended up getting this in gratis and it definitely creases for me too. Also creases when I put it on clients. I have it out on my vanity to give it another try, but somehow I’m never up for a day of creasing.

    1. I have heard I should use only a teensy bit. I haven’t gotten around to retrying it. It’s easier to throw on one that works with no fuss. Maybe I’ll try it next week since I’m off work. But then I won’t put on makeup LOL.

      1. Linda what have you found that works?

        I am probably a little heavy handed, like 4 pin sized amounts, not instagram/youtube amounts. LOL I’ll give it a few more tries, but right now I think I’m in love with the new Laura Mercier candlelight concealer.

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