FOTD: Crystal Eyes & Pastille

I gave the Troy Surrat Prismatique Eyes a test run. Okay… if you blot the petroleum base before applying the shadow, the color actually holds beautifully without creasing. You just fotd pastille 1have to be careful not to use too much. Otherwise it just turns into a tacky greasy mess.

Oooooh look who figured out their angles! Lord this is such an exercise in patience. I had to stand all the way back from the light, inhale, and snap. LOL

Okay, you see how my eyelids just look ‘wet’ and slightly shimmery? That’s kind of the effect of this shadow sheered out. This makes me especially happy on my warm skin tone… so I don’t look like a silvery disco ball.

I’m also test driving the new Bite Beauty Matte Lip Crayon in Pastille. LOVE! I’ll do an up close product photo set with a swatch, but that’s how it looks on my lips. It’s such a soft, pretty color. The rest of the face is faifotd pastille 2rly simple… save for that sheen on my cheekbones. Ya’ll see that? That’s the new YSL Strobing Mega Highlighter. Let me tell you that too much of that product makes you look like ASH CITY. It’s really just passable. I don’t recommend buying it. You can get much better results from Becca Pearl Highlighter, and that’s WHITE. So you can imagine the ash factor on this YSL madness. I had to pat it down to almost nothing to keep from looking crazy. Who has the time?

The rest of the face is simple enough: By Terry Lumiere Volutee Foundation, MUFE HD Concealer (more on that later), Armani eye pencil on the lashline and Geisha Ink mascara.

I did my eyebrows myself. SMH. Whatever. I clearly need a damn professional in my life.

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