NARS Matte Skin Tint

Okay, maybe I was a little harsh out the gate.

Here’s the thing: the lack of coverage is the thing that stands out the most to me. But the actual ‘tinting’ part really kind of works if you do it right. A little goes a long way.

First, kudos to NARS for keeping the colors the same as the RTM, because I would have had a meltdown if I’d have to match all over again. The formula is a little odd, with it being matte with no coverage. So you really have to have relatively good skin to pull this off without any help. And right now my skin is cussing me out so I have to mix it with the RTM to get the coverage just right.

nars tintnars tint 1nars tint 4nars tint 3nars tint 2

See how it disappears? I imagine this is a selling point for NARS, but the lack of coverage thing is really a trip. Before my skin decided to go completely insane, I managed to put it on with the Becca Ombre Rouge Palette (LOVE LOVE LOVE) for a daytime smoke thing:

I’ll keep messing with it, and I’ll keep you posted.

With a little Help from my Friends…

I don’t know about you, but I’m hard pressed to ask for help for anything. As a result, it fotd ombre rougepreviously made it harder to surrender to the place of receiving because I was unhealthily accustomed to giving. Since I got really serious about my practice several years ago, this has changed little by little. So although I still don’t regularly ask for help… when someone offers it, I don’t hesitate to accept it.

Such is the case with the current state of my skin. So… you guys know that I manufacture skin care. In any testing phase, Patient Zero is usually me. Since my company was borne of necessity (my oily, acne prone, sensitive skin rejected everything that I threw at it), I constantly change and adjust and adapt to keep up with the age and needs for my particular face.

Now, I seem to have hit a wall. When Jennifer saw my acid-related ‘wounds'(one that she’s successfully closed, and the the other that I have to let heal on its own) and offered to help, I didn’t hesitate. She saw me again yesterday and told me that part of the problem is corepower logothat my skin is consistently working and shedding because I’m either teaching in, or practicing in heat. In all of the things that I’ve learned and done, that honestly never occurred to me. So I NEVER adjusted for it! I’ve been combating a problem (two hormonal cysts that I burned off… which triggered irritation around the treated areas) that I didn’t understand I was personally causing. So she’s put me on a skin diet.


NO exfoliating, NO toner, NO extra serums, NO LAYERS. Ya’ll this is going to be interesting. I love the ritual of skin care. I love the pace, layering, and feeling of doing good to my hair, face and body. The no toner thing might be the worst. LOL. I LOVE TONER! And mine is more of an ‘essence‘ so there’s no alcohol or harsh chemicals. But Jennifer doesn’t want my skin to work harder than it has to (to absorb) until it’s healed.

spirit serum

I’m allowed cleanser and serum (two daily drops into a spot of sunscreen). PERIOD.

Four Weeks.

Pray for me.

FOTD: Burberry Highlighter

So Burberry released two epic highlighters for Spring/Summer 2016. They are expensive, gorgeous, and can be used all over the face… so maybe in the scheme of things, totally worth it. I went nuts over the gorgeous embossing on both highlighters, which can be worn on a wide range of skin tones.

burberry highlightburberry highlight 1burberry highlight 2That white shade easily gives Becca Pearl a run for its money. Now Becca is way cheaper and less pretty, so consider that if you decide to pony up for these beauties. They are buttery soft! OMG.

fotd highlight 2

And they blend out like nobody’s business. So since Burberry decided to market these as a ‘palette’ instead of a straight cheekbone highlighter, I took that literally and used it all over:

Nude Gold is on the outer lid, just under my cheekbones, across my forehead and in the center of my lips (over Dose Of Colors Cork). White is on my inner lids, on the high planes of my cheekbones, between my eyebrows and down the bridge of my nose.

I cannot tell you just how in love I am with these highlighters. I don’t even like highlight like that, but Burberry completely outdid itself on this one. If you haven’t yet splurged on something you absolutely don’t need for 2016, this might be just the thing. Just saying.

FOTD: Phone Call

Lily, I am fond of you and I say this with love: avert your eyes. 😀 Had to be done! Get a load of those EYEBROWS though! Can ya’ll tell I’m happy? Can you? Mess. A couple of fotd Phone Callthings going on here. First, I used the new NARS Matte Skin Tint. It’s exactly what it says it is: a matte skin tint. That means you will get a tint with no coverage. You see that blemish over my right eyebrow? Is it covered? Right.

So, if you’re thinking that it’s a tint that behaves like a foundation (like the Radiant Tinted Moisturizer), you’re going to be disappointed. Basically they mixed some pigments in a mattifying liquid and stuck it in a tube. The finish is exquisite, but there’s no coverage to speak of. You have been warned.

I built the entire look around those damn lips, which honestly had to be taken down. Urban Decay X (Gwen Stefani) Phone Call is BRIGHT. Like… BRIGHT. So I put it on, blotted it down, and then slapped Anastasia Gilded lipgloss in the center and blotted it again. Sheesh.

Everything, with the exception of the cheeks (GS: Easy) is neutral. Just beige on the lids and medium brown in the crease and intensified under the waterline, black on the lash line and a coat of Geisha Ink Mascara (which I’m honestly just trying to use up. It’s not that good).

I like the new NARS skin tint, but it is NOT a replacement for my ever favorite Tinted Moisturizer. It’s not. There’s no coverage and I’m not fond of ‘tinting’ my skin. I’d like it to stay the same color, thank you (you can see the color change as soon as you put it on). Full review goes up this week.

I see I’m gonna have to mess around and maybe get another TM backup. I wonder if they’ll keep in the refrigerator…

FOTD: Tom Ford Honeymoon

First things first: I GOT MY EYEBROWS DONE! And why for hell was I calling that woman Lauren? Her name is Jennifer. SMH. Shows how much I pay attention half the time. Just rude.

She saw me yesterday, laid me down, and HOOKED ME UP!


They are CLEAN. and she tweezed them so I don’t have to stress about lift from wax or craziness from threading.

While I’m there we get to talking about my skin and she tells me that one side of my face looks ‘wounded’…


Omg… she is so right. I had a hormonal ‘bump’ on my jawline for what felt like forever, and I got sick of it. So 70% glycolic acid and five minutes basically burned me all to damn hell. I’m currently in recovery. She was not happy about that (you know estheticians take that mess personally). So she’s seeing me again this week to help the healing process along. And then I went to Naimies to tell Hillary how awesome she was and WHO SHOWS UP 10 MINUTES LATER to see the same person! I was there for a freakin’ hour with those women, cutting up and putting on makeup.

I just love her.


Oh, about this makeup! Okay, the Tom Ford quad in Honeymoon is on my eyes (more on that later). If you missed out on Burnished Amber, get it. If you didn’t, I have to say the only real difference is the finish (all the new quads have that horrid finish like Nude Dip). So you’re honestly not missing out on anything.

Hush Blush from the Gwen Stefani Palette is on my cheeks, and a combination of Brick and Cork from Dose of Colors is on my lips. Cork might be my favorite brown EVER. But it has to go back to Naimies because HOW did I get the only broken bottle in the damn store? Ugh. Taking it back for an exchange.

But my brows are done. These things are important. I’m just saying.

About this YouTube Hustle…

Recently, the amazing Liz (a member of our Habibi family) started sending emails to various YouTube Vloggers to see if they wanted to try some of our products and maybe talk about them. She got a healthy number of responses and reported that she was building a list of folks to ship things to. She also got back a number of responses that read a little something like:

“Thank you for your interest in XX. For any review we charge a (sometimes flat) fee to share that product with our viewers…”

Sometimes those emails included  the ‘fee’ (anywhere from $100 to $2,500), and spirit moisturizersometimes it left the option open to negotiate. Since Lizzie makes no decision about such things without me, she just sent it to me with a WTF attached to it and decided to dust off her involvement in it.

I don’t blame her.

First, I want to say this a generational thing…? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I’m not a millennial, so the idea of internet stardom and importance is still a bit foreign to me. I tend to see it the way I see the stock market: easily inflated and fantastic on paper but in reality rather precarious in its day to day nature. I respect internet fame, and I respect the hustle (to a degree), but I’m going to have to hit pause on this one.

I do not dispute the amount of influence some YouTubers have over their subscribers and third-degree interested parties. Some of them have parlayed that fame into lucrative partnerships, businesses, and real life engagements that have positioned them to do great things with their futures. bodybalmKudos! Seriously. If I doubted it, I would have never given Lizzie the green light to start sending those emails. So I absolutely get it.

Here’s my departure: I cannot in good conscience PAY YOU to say that you like my product. I can’t. I honestly don’t care if you like it or not, because the truth is that everything isn’t for everyone. I’ve been sent free stuff from companies, and if I don’t like it, I don’t talk about it. I would expect that same courtesy from anyone who received Habibi products free of charge. It’s fine if you don’t like a thing or if you CHOOSE to keep that thing to yourself (I have real life customers who refuse to share their Habibi products with anyone they know because they say they don’t want anyone else smelling like them).

But pay you to say nice things?

No dice.

It just reeks of dishonesty and it has such an awful ripple effect for all of the people who trust (first and foremost), listen to, and subscribe to you. I get that people have to eat, but I’m not down with this particular hustle. Certainly not hundreds of dollars worth… like, for real? I’m sorry, no. I realize this is part of a wider issue, like paying for tweets and what not by uber famous people. But guess what? They can’t have my money either. Not for that. Not for that.

This was on my heart you guys. Honestly it caught me by surprise. I want people who use Habibi products to actually enjoy using them because they are GOOD. Not because some internet-famous person said so, and certainly not because said person was PAID to say so. If you love your products, great! If you don’t, let me know and I’ll work with you to find a solution. But know that no matter what, no one will ever be paid to tell you that the products are good. I use them, and know they are. And if you choose to use them, you’ll know they are too.


Gwen Stefani (Urban Decay X) Blush Palette


Okay, love with a caveat. Here’s the thing. This palette is worth every penny in terms of size, versatility and wearablility. I’d love it if some of the colors were better thought out. Despite the way the product photographs, the pinks are PINK, with no real warmth or dimension. LoFi could be darker and honestly OC looks like an eyeshadow (like the new Tom Ford Sphinx: gold with a pink underlayer). It’s a cheapened lip filled surgical nightmare. I’m tryna figure out what UD is saying about that part of Southern California because it looks so ‘trying too hard’ Barbie fake, especially on the cheeks. Like, eww.

But the good news is, all of these colors can be swirled together for a bespoke result. And THAT gorgeously cancels out the rest.

stefani blush 1

stefani x blush

stefani blush 2

Be warned: this formula is loosely packed so a swipe of a brush will give you more powder and pickup than you might want. Plus it can get everywhere. So PAT the brush instead of swirling, and keep the ‘less is more’ philosophy and layer as you  like.

I layered LoFi and OC, then added Angel as a highlight:

FOTD Stefani X

Get into it. You’ll be glad you did.

FOTD: Mood

So I’ve apparently been sleeping on Dose of Colors of late. They released a crap ton of new Matte Lipsticks that are TO.DIE.FOR.


They released a collection of browns with the most appropriate names like Chocolate Wasted and Cork. But I fell head over heels for the color Mood:



mood 1

Not brick, not brown, not red, not berry… but some luscious combination of all of them! Sooo gorgeous on, and wears like a champ with no drying or feathering. LOVE.

Gwen Stefani (Urban Decay X): Phone Call Lipstick

Okay this collection is coming in pieces, so as they trickle in (Urban Decay DRAGGED about shipping! OMG) I’ll review. I got the blush palette … and the lipsticks and pencils in Phone Call, Firebird, and Rock Steady. The pencils and the lipsticks are the EXACT same color so I’ll skip the pencil portion. Seen one, seen ’em all. I will say that they are super easy to use… they ‘glide’ like the Urban Decay gel eye pencils. You can fill in the entire lip for a lovely pigmented ‘matte’ look in any of the colors. Urban Decay did amazing with this collection. Ya’ll already know that I love the eyeshadow palette.

The first thing to show up was the Lipstick in Phone Call. It’s a sheer(ish) strawberry pink that wears really well on my warm skin tone.

phone 2

phone call

phone call 1

So pretty! It’s super hydrating, and the pencil is the ‘exact’ same color (I’m wearing it in the lip swatch.

When the other two get here, I’ll swatch those as well. Ciao for now!


FOTD: Neutrality

So all that praise I had for the Stefani eyeshadow palette and a couple of ya’ll decided to call me out on it! Okay then.

An actual email:

“You say you use the Gwen Stefani palette all the time but you’ve never mentioned it on your blog and never reviewed it.”

Right. There are a few reasons for this. When I first got it I wasn’t really blogging because… life. And reviewing it by the time I DID get back online would have been redundant so I decided to skip.

Okay so here’s the very neutral palette in use. I don’t really mess with that blue in the palette ’cause I don’t care about it.  But the beiges and browns are my jam. Time is not really on my side so it’s been a while since I did a super involved eyeshadow look. This is five minutes so I’m a fan.


Stark (lashline to browbone)

Steady (lid)

Serious (outer lid/under waterline)

Blackout (lashline)


Givenchy Lip Pencil in #9

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter in Nude Ultime

The rest of the face was Tilbury’s first foundation (why can’t I think of it right now?) and the Innisfree No Sebum Powder. I completely forgot blush. SMH.

I’m working on the brows. I promise I am.