Coming with me to 2016…

The year is nearly up, and I refuse to make a single resolution. Instead, I’ve set short term goals (like getting the tint pulled off of Liz’ front windows ’cause after 5 years I got pulled over… AS IF! #lagirlproblems) because there’s a much better chance of achieving them. While there is plenty for me to leave behind in 2015 (the motto for the new year is SIMPLIFY), there are some practical items that I’ll be dragging along with me.


Jade (thin) Yoga Mats. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal but when I tell you that I keep several of these in my car, one in my suitcase (it never gets unpacked), jade matand one in the house… I’m not kidding. Since I probably exclusively practice yoga (what do I mean probably, and WHY haven’t I cancelled my gym membership? SMH Goal for 2016. Yep), I can pull one of them out anywhere and practice or meditate. They are damn near like a security blanket at this point. I love them because you can literally fold them down into a small square like a scarf and shove them into the tiniest spaces. They weigh next to nothing, and they grip like nobody’s business. That and a little bottle of homemade mat cleaner and I’m good to go. Since I’ve been training private clients (and the #1 excuse is: I don’t have a yoga mat), it’s easy to whip them out and lay them down and declare DOWNWARD FACING DOG. 😉

Habibi SPIRIT Deodorant

You’d think that a person who has access to so many fragrances wouldn’t SPIRIT1opt for the one universal unisex one, but I’ve been using this deodorant every single day since formulating it over the summer. The scent is light and non-offensive, and busts funk on men and women with a single swipe. Between practicing and teaching, there’s little to no time to freshen up between classes so literally a swipe is all I have seconds for these days. The best proof is after class #3 and someone is like: “You smell so fresh…” there have been times when I’ve lifted my arm to take a whiff, just to make sure they’re telling the truth. I gave them as gifts after my last training, and now all my yogi omies are singing the praises. It’s good stuff, even if I am a little biased.

Holika Holika Aloe Gel

Man look. I’ve already talked about having no time. When I tell you that there is a holika aloebottle of this in just about every mobile thing I own (I’m talking gym bag, purse, car…). First of all, the packaging is mad convenient. There’s a ton of product and a little bit goes a long way. If I have to shower at the studio, it goes head to toe… HEAD TO TOE. I’ll even slap some on the edges of my hair to keep it flat under my wrap (natural hair DO care) because the sweat/pouf struggle is real. It keeps my skin under control in a pinch because with all that heat, some bacteria is bound to try to sneak in these pores… and I am NOT having it. I rinse my face between classes, slap on some gel and follow with my next must have.

HABIBI Seven Veils Luxury Serum

It’s probably real raggedy for me to be toting this around like it didn’t seven veilscost a damn mint to formulate. But my excuse is that I make it, so I’ll take the hit for being ratchet with it. I keep one tucked safely a bubble pouch (see… raggedy) in my gym bag. I will run a pump through my hair with the aloe (what did I say about the pouf struggle?) and always ALWAYS one pump on my face. Sometimes a little around my eye and lip area. Everything gets so dry after teaching hot yoga, so healthy moisture non negotiable. Habibi was born of a need to deal with my own skin problems. So I practice what I preach early and often.


I’ve been using NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer since it came out years ago. I’ve converted many a makeup skeptic to its wondrous finish and staying power. Now I hear that NARS is getting cute and thinking about discontinuing it. Why… WHY malagaFOR HELL would you discontinue one of your absolute best products? That had better be a rumor. As soon as I found out I had an appropriate meltdown and bought two. I might get two more while you playing. That is NOT cool NARS. Not cool at all. I swear up, down and all around by this stuff. And trust me when I tell you I’ve used all manner of foundations and tinted moisturizers and nothing holds a candle to this stuff for natural finish and performance. I’m so mad about this. I’m going to drag this relationship on for as long as humanly possible. Hmph.

beauty bakerie

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips are a recent discovery for me. They require quite the learning curve (I’ve ended up with lips drier than the Sahara Desert… walking around lookin’ like Ashy Larry with a hint of color), but once you master the art of putting these babies on, they do NOT MOVE until you take them off with an oil based cleanser. They’re not kidding about the staying power. Although I love Dose of Colors, these actually last longer. I’ve worn them while teaching the hottest, sweatiest yoga classes, then food and drinks after, and my lips will look as good as the moment I first applied it. These lippies are EVERYTHING. Love.

And every oily girl must have Innisfree No Sebum Powder in her arsenal. Forget innisfreewhat you think you know about HD powders and oil control everything; this little pot of magic is cheap and highly effective. On my oiliest days I layer the tinted moisturizer BETWEEN layers of this powder. Stuff’s epic. I buy them 3, sometimes 4 at a time. Like the aloe, there is a pot of this everywhere I  need to be, including a backup in my glove compartment. I’m so serious about this powder. The only thing that would make it better is if I could get it from my local beauty supply instead of having to raid every few months.

That’s it! I’m dragging all this goodness into the New Year with me! What are ya’ll carrying through with you?




10 Replies to “Coming with me to 2016…”

  1. 1. CereVe Hydrating Cleanser for removing makeup at night.
    2. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Line Smoothing Eye Cream
    3. Chanel Le Weekend serum
    4. Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose (OMG, thanks!)
    5. Anastasia Brow Wiz in my new favorite shade: Champagne.
    6. EACH and EVERY Chanel Joues Contraste and Rouge Coco Shine I’ve ever purchased!

    1. Yikes! Correction: the Anastasia Bro Wiz shade is Caramel, not Champagne 😑 I’ve had Becca Champagne Pop on my mind all morning!

      1. LOL! I like Becca Pearl A LOT. I didn’t mess with Champagne Pop because I have so many other colors like it. But a good pearl on a warm skintone is PRICELESS. LOL

    1. You guys make me want to try the Nars TM again. I’ve not been able to wear it. Turns my face into an oil well and color matching is difficult at best. Either too dark or “sunscreen ashy”. I’ve owned Seychelles, Malaga, and Cuba!

      1. Malaga is pretty yellow. Seychelles is redder… and might be less ashy on you. The key to TM is using very thin layers. And because NARS version acts and covers like a foundation, less is definitely more. And if it’s an oil problem try layering a HD powder between it like I do with the Inissfree.

      2. Thanks so much for the expert advice! It seems I only needed to use the right shade in the right season and ignore a certain store’s color- matching fiasco. I dug out my tube of Cuba and applied it lightly with the Real Techniques expert face brush (love) over a bit of Smashbox primer. Perfection! And I remember now how I love the scent of the product. Unfortunately, I left my HD primer (and my makeup bag) at work on Friday, but at least I have the color issue solved. Cuba is my perfect winter shade. I’m going to try the Innisfree powder because the one I left at work is not as sheer as I’d like. Peace and happiness to you! Thanks again- your blogs are always spot-on.

  2. Yayy LaTeisha! I’m glad you’re able to enjoy your perfect match! The struggle is real… trust me I understand. And I will not even comment on that color match system. Just put some on your jaw and go outside. If it disappears in natural light, it’s your color. Period. I don’t mess with any of that stuff. I’m very practical when it comes to matching. And I wear things for up to an hour because I’m oily and colors tend to oxidize and go red on me when my oil production kicks in.

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