Daṇḍāyamana Vibhaktapāda Jānuśīrṣāsana…

…Man LOOK.

So  much Sanskrit… so little time. We are nearly halfway through training and my head is swimming. I need to get in front of an essay, figure out how many more classes I need to take to get my certification on time, and find some sleep.


The thing is, this sequence is pretty familiar to me. It’s the same series of poses every single time, so if you take them regularly you’ll know the sequence. But taking the class and TEACHING the class are two wholly different things. OMG. I’m sitting in class while the teacher waits on me to tell a model to move her foot, and I’m staring at her foot like: What is that thing at the bottom of your ankle? Can you move it in *points* that direction?


My brain no longer works. I wanted to tell you about Chanel’s Vamp collection (Rouge IDO is a dead ringer for Armani’s Lust Red. If you have the latter… don’t bother with the former), and Tom Ford’s Night Sky cream/powder shadow duo (GET IT), but honestly the idea of picking up my cell phone and taking a photo seems like so much work.

Tired ya’ll.


But it’s all goodness. 4 more weeks yo.


P.S: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do I have to take another Anatomy Lecture (third time)? WHY LORD… WHY? I’ve already taken Advanced Anatomy…



All Fired Up for New Training!


So… I got a wild hair and I’m going for my 5th format certification. Starting Tuesday, I’ll be fully immersed in Hot Power Fusion Yoga training. It’s a combo of Bikram and Vinyasa.

bikram3I’ve been taking the format steadily as a student for the past year. So I’m excited to learn how to teach it and learn the ‘why’ of the sequence and the poses. Basically, it’s a big giant lymphatic drain for your body… which I LOVE. This is another 200 hour training so I expect to be slightly insane (look for unintelligible posts along the way), but I’m still so jazzed for it!

bikram2 Who knows? Maybe after this I’ll consider Bikram again.