Bronze & Glow: MEDIUM TO DARK

Charlotte… GIRL!

Well now I’m gonna have to eat some of my words. Charlotte Tilbury LISTENS (or at least her team does). My main complaint with some of the best items in this makeup line was the lack of diversity. But … after all those fabulous new colors in the Retoucher (my hands down favorite concealer) and now a darker version of the Filmstar Bronze & Glow… well I’m just gonna have to sit down and shut up for a while.


I absolutely LOVE the Bronze and Glow. I’ve hit pan on my sculpt shade, and I’m set to get a new one because it’s really that damn good. Now, with this darker offering, I’m even more in love. Bronze & Glow for EVERYBODY! You get a Bronze & Glow, You get a Bronze & Glow…


Yeah, I’m pretty happy about this.

You can get this lovely offering on Charlotte’s website

Do it!

8 Replies to “Bronze & Glow: MEDIUM TO DARK”

    1. You know we have to be honest about these things! Otherwise we will be walking around looking like ashy city, messing with certain brands. But I see Charlotte got the memo. I’ve ordered it for a couple of my clients. They are going to be super happy. The original one works on me, but any darker than my complexion and it just disappears, so this new one is a very welcome addition.

      1. I had the artist at Selfridges try it on me a while back, the original one, and nothing….. It looked like nothing. I just ordered this after seeing this post and a couple of others on Instagram. (Thanks ☺️) I get excited for all makeup deliveries but this one more than most!

  1. You’re so welcome! Yeah, the original disappeared on a lot of people because it’s just too light and neutral. Warm toned beauties need warm-toned sculpt and highlight! Bronze & Glow is a really good product in terms of quality and performance. Enjoy your goodies!

  2. I just received this today and it is definitely for women our shade and deeper! I’ll need to play with the highlighter as it definitely shows orange when I apply too much. I’m about NC45 right now. Kudos to Charlotte for recognizing us as beauty consumers. Luxury brands usually don’t want our money.

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