Like Death Warmed Up…

emilyUgh. I seem to have caught a cold. I blame my recent plane ride and gross gross GROSS RECYCLED AIR! GAH! I switched seats at the last second and I SWEAR the lady next to me had a cough. I’m blaming her. Yup. Because it makes me feel better. That’s it and that’s all.

I never get sick. Like, once every million years. No joke. This sucks. I have no motivation to do anything…

Nothing excites me. Not even Chanel’s new Autumn Collection:

chanel autumnIt’s SUCH a gorgeous collection. Really. Stunning from beginning to end. I pulled myself together long enough to do an FOTD. Swatches are coming. That takes a little more effort, so I gotta feel better first. Anyway, here it is:

chanel aw15 1 chanel aw15 2 chanel aw15 3That’s the quad, blush and Meloncolie Rouge Allure Shine. LOVE this collection. It’s really lovely for every skin tone. That blush is everything. New favorite for this coming season, and easily beyond. I really thought I’d like that orange Illusion d’Ombre… but NO. It’s some garish shade of pinky coral that just goes ashy and looks a hot mess on me, so it was a definite pass. But nearly everything else is stunning. Give the collection a look. You’re bound to find at least one thing that makes the grade. I’ll bet it’s the blush. Prove me wrong… 😉

Bronze & Glow: MEDIUM TO DARK

Charlotte… GIRL!

Well now I’m gonna have to eat some of my words. Charlotte Tilbury LISTENS (or at least her team does). My main complaint with some of the best items in this makeup line was the lack of diversity. But … after all those fabulous new colors in the Retoucher (my hands down favorite concealer) and now a darker version of the Filmstar Bronze & Glow… well I’m just gonna have to sit down and shut up for a while.


I absolutely LOVE the Bronze and Glow. I’ve hit pan on my sculpt shade, and I’m set to get a new one because it’s really that damn good. Now, with this darker offering, I’m even more in love. Bronze & Glow for EVERYBODY! You get a Bronze & Glow, You get a Bronze & Glow…


Yeah, I’m pretty happy about this.

You can get this lovely offering on Charlotte’s website

Do it!

Charlotte Tilbury + Norman Parkinson: Bronze & Glow

So Miss Charlotte teamed up with Norman Parkinson to release a limited edition Summer Collection, and all I could think was: I wonder if I’ll be able to wear anything from it? As a medium toned beauty, these things matter. Charlotte isn’t exactly known for her wide range of models of more than a singular… hue… so it’s important that certain things get road-tested before I plunk down massive amounts of change. Just saying. When the collection came out in practical application (once I actually saw swatches) the only thing that really stood out to me was the Bronze & Glow. I’m a huge fan of the original version (I’ve hit pan on the sculpt shade), so I was hoping to get some good use out of a cream version for the summer. Charlotte did NOT disappoint. She’s actually giving Tom Ford’s Shade + Illuminate a run for its money, and that’s saying something.

This stuff works for two reasons: the sculpt shade is universally dark. The undertones are pretty neutral. They lean a bit yellow, but definitely not orange or red (Ford has two different versions). It’ll work on light to medium/dark skin provided there are no really red undertones involved. The formula for the sculpt shade is not greasy at all, and a little bit goes a very long way. I overdid it a couple of times and ended up looking like Adele that one time at the Oscars

The highlight shade is not gold or peach or pink, but some kind of  hybrid of all three. Unlike the sculpt shade, it’s a little greasy for me… but I have oily skin so that’s to be expected. I honestly just top it with a little of the highlight from the original Bronze & Glow and it works like magic.

I really like it. I can wear it with the La Mer (damned La Mer) Skin Tint and my skin just sings to the high heavens with ‘no makeup makeup.’ Charlotte did really well on this one. I nearly forgive her for that heinous Bar of Gold… nearly.

LOVE for La Mer?

Well I never thought THIS day would come. I’ve been no fan of La Mer since the overpriced goop hit the market. Miracle claims of seaweed and midnight blooming fabulousness aside, any product with mineral oil listed that high on the ingredient list isn’t going anywhere near my face. Still that didn’t stop millions of people from shelling out an ungodly amount of money to slather said mineral oil all over their face parts and declare it a miracle.

So when the La Mer Reparative Skin Tint crossed my eyeline, I was more than a little skeptical. First of all, the darkest color looked too light for my medium toned skin. But WHY when I put it on did it immediately merge and brighten my skin? Why did my skin smooth out? Why did it set IMMEDIATELY without any help of powder, even on my oily skin? BAH! Unfair. And at $95, it was still not getting any upvotes from me. But eventually, I had no choice but to give into the La Mer goodness.

This stuff is beyond excellent. It features a dose of the so-called miracle broth, but I really don’t care about that. It also claims to leave your skin in better condition than when you put it on, but I don’t know about that either. I haven’t seen any evidence after the fact. But while I have it on, it’s friggin’ amazing.

I’ve been wearing this stuff pretty much daily. I’m in love. Dammit. La Mer. Who knew?