Gone Bronze

Soooo… I’ve pretty much abandoned foundation. First of all, it’s HOT. I mean… like someone forgot to park the car in the shade for 23 hours of sunlight hot. The good news is, Cali heat is dry so I’m not sweating like a fool. But it is literally a matter of MINUTES from the time I step outside that I begin to feel my makeup. No matter how ‘weightless’ it is, I still feel it. BOO! So for the time being, there will be nothing but some teeny amount of tinted moisturizer (and you kind of have to twist my arm for even that) and a bronzer. I’m not even using powder. Nope. Too heavy. All of it. Bronzer the color of my actual skin, is the order of the day.


Don’t even say it. Yes, it has shimmer. But yo, this bronzer is EVERYTHING. People (mostly Tom Ford) keep trying to make Terra (the other bronzer offering) happen, but it’s not. That’s because Gold Dust looked over its shoulder, flipped its hair, and left a trail of fabulous dust in its wake. I promise I’m going to hit pan before I know it. I use this every day. EVERY.DAY. Yoga, grocery store, random hellos with even more random friends… I literally never leave home without it. This is like my skin, on beauty crack. The longer I wear it, the better it looks. I am in love with this bronzer. It might actually be the best one I’ve ever used.


I like this. Not nearly as much as I like the Tom Ford version, but I like it. For one, it’s cheaper. Like, way cheaper. And I like the idea of it being more of a pigment than a powder (the Tom Ford version is still a powder at the end of bronzerthe day). BUT the colors get a bit on my nerves. First of all, none of them actually match me. The light is too… light. The medium is too red, and the tan is just ignorantly orange red on me. So I have to kind of blend all three together to make it work. I prefer the shimmer versions to the matte ones (they come in both versions for every shade) because they mostly give a glow without the glitter. Honestly, what got me to the table was the pro discount. Without it, these would not be my top choice because I have to do too much blending of 2 or all 3 to really make them happen with my skin tone. Plus, you have to use this specific stiff buffing brush (that of course they sell) to really make the pigment behave like it’s supposed to. The good news is, you can wear it on bare skin (you gotta be pretty blemish free to pull if off though) and it literally looks like you just have perfect skin that glows from the inside out. The bad news is, this stuff is the worst over any kind of foundation unless said foundation sets really well before you apply it. Otherwise you just end up moving everything around on your face, and that’s no fun for anyone.


Mmmmft, I’m still working on this one. First of all, what you see in the bottle is way lighter on the skin. I was convinced (based on bottle color) that I was 9. I’m more like 10, but not even quite that. And forget about 11… just red city. What’s worse, the lovely bronzer2shimmer that you can see in the bottle, DOES NOT HAPPEN on the skin. This wears more like a foundation, and it’s not really weightless at all (unlike Maestro Fusion Makeup). I’ve been sheering it out, but I’m a little mad that I have to do that. What was the point of this offering? I can’t get shimmer, I don’t WANT coverage, and I have to play ‘guess what color I am’ with the bottles. I might change my mind about this, but it’s going to take some more work and stuff before I commit to a judgement.

I’ve also been using the La Mer tinted moisturizer (I REALLY WANTED TO HATE IT), but that’s a separate post (with an FOTD) ’cause I’m annoyed at how much I like that overpriced madness. It really works. Whatever. LOL

So what had happened was…

*taps mic

“Is this thing on?”

So, it has been 6 months since joining the Corepower family. And when I tell you that I’ve gone from teaching a class here and there to TEACHING ALL THE YOGA IN THE WORLD…


See that desk? You’ll often see my shiny smiling face parked behind it, ready to check you into class.

Case in point: today was supposed to be my day off. NOPE! I shall be teaching a Sculpt class today. I’ve turned down more classes than a little bit.

Now, let me get this out: I.LOVE.TEACHING.YOGA. Love it. Like, I for real don’t know what the heck I’ve been doing before this. I am so happy every single time I step into the studio. Even if I’ve had a crap day (and there’s been a few of those), everything is better once I step onto my mat. Ya’ll think I’m delusional. Judge not… it’s amazing. The heat (all but one of my classes are hot) surrounds me like a warm blanket and we all get in there and do the damn thing. There’s nothing like it on Earth.

But a sista needs her sleep.

So I just came in here to say hi, and to tell you to get the Tom Ford Summer 2015 Eyeshadow Pots… ALL OF THEM! Seriously. Get them. They are everything. I use them every day. Not kidding. As I type this, I’m wearing the smutty cream color (without the teal overlay)…

He needs to make more colors, and he needs to make them permanent. That is all.

It is heinous that I’ve been away this long. MISS YOU AND EVERYTHING!