The Makeup Show LA

makeupshowFor the first time since the first show, I skipped the Saturday portion of The Makeup Show LA. Not to worry… I heard from more than a few artists that it was a hot mess. Literally HOT. Did someone forget to turn on the air conditioner? I heard they had to kill some of the big lights because folks were literally melting.

Here’s the thing: I need this show to upgrade. With the exception of a few extras, the show looked the same as every show before it. At least last year there was the huge tribute to Kevyn Aucoin. But honestly

with the exception of Kat Von D (who was there with Sephora staff, so go figure), Besame, and SEPHORA (yes, the store had a booth hocking its namesake brand… which is so wrong. C’mon son!), the rest was the same. Same artists, same products, same as it ever was…

Can we get some performance art installations, some Global Brand Ambassadors, some shows, some competitions, SOMETHING? Since IMATS has basically turned into a blogger (and by this I mean your neighbor who picked up a brush  and suddenly declared themselves a professional) meet up, actual working artists need more. A lot more. Thank goodness PHAME is coming up. I need some validation.

That’s the bad.

makeupshow4The good is, I had a BALL talking to brand artists and their offerings. AJ Crimson is everything. Ashunta Sheriff is EVERYTHING. Her foundation does something that no other foundation has done yet: IT ADDRESSES THE ISSUES OF MULTIPLE COLORS ON POC FACES. Yes! Finally! Seriously.

It was amazing to talk to artists about artistry, not their latest *name drop extravaganza or find out what they can get for free. You should hear some of the vendors complain about it. They’re happy to be at a place like TMS, where the first words out of makeupshow3someone’s mouth aren’t “I have a Youtube channel…”


One of the coolest things was to cross reference brands. Kevyn Aucoin was over the moon to find out that Hourglass Mineral Veil liquified SSF and turned it into a waterproof juggernaut with a natural finish. MUFE clapped at mixing pigments with skin safe alcohol for body painting and underwater photography. I talked and listened and laughed and celebrated everything that is makeup. In terms of experience, TMSLA is a joy. In terms of offerings… well, ya’ll already know how I feel.

Here’s my face:

That’s MAC Bao Bao Wan Lipstick in Burmese Kiss. Surprisingly flattering. I love it. Much better than the highly sought after (and immediately sold out) Lavender Jade. This one translates much better on a wider range of skin tones.

Here’s my haul:

makeupshow7 makeupshow6 makeupshow5

We just need to have a moment of silence for that Viseart Palette. OMG. Just beauty! Just… perfection. I also got a foundation from Ashunta Sheriff, and two lipsticks from AJ Crimson. Dose of Color creme in Black Rose… EVERYTHING. Extremely limited edition, I think only Naimies will be carrying it. Besame is as darling as ever. I couldn’t say no.

I’ll get to swatches, but I’m SO TIRED. Even with TMSLA being the same virtually year after year, it still takes a lot out of me.

FOTD: Hot Makeup Red Carpet Ready Blush


That might be what best describes my new love affair with Hot Makeup. Born in Brazil, the extensive collection features everything from primers to lip glosses. Everything contains jojoba oil (even the powder products).

My love is for the Red Carpet Ready Blush. It is just… everything.

The blush comes in 9 colors. I started with Wanderlust, but quickly went back and snapped up the other 8 from Naimies. The pots are small (about the size of a Laura Mercier eyeshadow. Okay, maybe a little bigger), but the color packs a massive punch. Wanderlust is a golden shimmer that looks warm and natural and completely effortless.

natural glow

The blush just brings everything together, especially with my pre-summer tan. The sun has been out and about for weeks, and going golden/bronze is always my best bet.

On the rest of my face:

NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (Malaga)

Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher (#4)

Viseart Pro Paris Nudes (white gold inner lid/bronze outer lid)

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Mascara

Makeup For Ever Natural Lipstick in N6