Elcie Foundation Review


I’m digging around Naimies last week (and just about to leave after spending too much money with Miss Hilly Fresh), when I spot this Kardashian looking woman in an advertisement. My first thought was: they’re doing makeup now? But then I looked closer and realized it was not one of the notorious clan. Instead it was Lillit, the owner of a foundation called Elcie.

elcie1This is why I care: The foundation undertones are yellow. I mean, YELLOW. Not fake ‘neutral’ with a hint of pink that still tends to go ashy on a warm skin tone. But actual, true to form, Armenian/African American/Latina/insert any warm toned skin ethnicity here… YELLOW. Fabulous.

I try on the color in Honey. It’s perfect. It self adjusts almost immediately and sets demi-matte. Looks like your skin, but on a really good day. I hear that she used to work for Naimies too! Local Girl done good. It didn’t even occur to me to ‘not’ support. I immediately bought a bottle.








This stuff is EXCELLENT. One little pump covers your whole face, and it wears with little to no powder, even on my oily skin. The coverage is medium but can be built to full. It works with fingers or a brush, but I’ve been using fingers because I use so much less product that way. Since I’m fully immersed in bb creams and sheer cushions at the moment, I’ve been using it to dress my face up for meetings or outings, when I want to go beyond just looking ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ natural.

4 Replies to “Elcie Foundation Review”

  1. I haven’t had any problems with my oily skin. It’s not completely matte, but this formula holds well on my skin for 8-10 hours. I do blot occasionally, but I do that with just about all of my foundations.

  2. Hi,
    Would you be able to tell me what elcie foundation shade you use? As I believe my skin tone is very similar to yours:-)

    Thank you!

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