FOTD: Amore Pacific & Laneige BB Cushion

Okay, I tested both products on the same day for two different things.

The Amore Pacific has a smoother finish. The problem is the undertone… it’s too cool for me. I wear #208, which is the darkest. It’s got a hint of rosiness to it (I have NO red or pink in my skin at all). So I warmed it up with Bobbi Brown Loose Powder in Golden Orange.

On the rest of my face:

Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher in #3

Clinique Chubby Cheek Stick in Apple (mostly just warms my skin through the cheeks)

Eyeko Felt Tip Eyeliner

Charlotte Tilbury Mascara

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Stoned Rose

The finish is smooth and nearly foundation like, even though the coverage is very sheer. You’ll freak out when you first put it on because it looks like it’s not doing anything. And then suddenly, you’re looking at your skin on its best day.

Later, I used the Laneige for a Pilates test. The great thing about this cream is that you can break a sweat in it (although I do NOT work out in makeup  regularly and do not recommend that anyone do so. It’s vain and gross… really). But I was a test body and wanted the teacher to look good with a student with great skin. Anyway…

This is the Laneige BB Cushion alone. The only other thing I’m wearing is mascara (Charlotte Tilbury) and lipgloss (Fresh Coral Lip Treatment). I wanted to look naturally… fresh. And the Laneige BB cream does just that, with no help. No powder, no nothing. It sets to a dewy finish (not greasy) and wears beautifully. SPF 50 ain’t too shabby either. After the test, I went to the Farmer’s Market and felt perfectly comfortable moving around in it.

If you have to choose between the two, get the Laneige. It’s cheaper and warmer to boot. They both wear gorgeously. I dare say these are my Summer bases this year. They’re ridiculously easy to use (and they come with a refill! BONUS!) and they last until you take them off.

Score 1 for Korean Skin Care/Makeup. These folks know EXACTLY what they’re doing.

4 Replies to “FOTD: Amore Pacific & Laneige BB Cushion”

    1. I got the ‘dark’ shade. It’s the best match for me. I LOVE it. It’s so simple and easy to use. I have almost no time these days and I can literally slap this on and run out the door and it looks flawless every time.

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