So I got the job…

Whew what a rollercoaster! After the audition, they told us we’d be notified by the 23rd. That was just to distract us. Turns out I was kind of already in. So stoked! My coach RJ tricked me by telling me that he needed to see me to ‘strategize’ how to get the position. I was panicked… but I showed up and put on my best face. He completely set me up. I took a class (taught by him) and at the end he announced me (and three of my colleages) at the end of class! There were tears, there were hugs… it was awesome.

Since then I’ve taught my first class (so EPIC). My next class is on Tuesday. I love it. I love everything about it. I really feel like I’m doing what I was made to do… indescribable. Kind of amazing.

Meanwhile, makeup happened…

I got the new NARS foundation. It’s definitely a ‘one drop’ kind of formula. A little goes an incredibly long way. You can so overdo it. The finish is flawless though. Beware of cake face. That’s all I’m saying.

I also got the Laneige BB Cream (and eventually the Amore Pacific version… Laneige is better even though it’s made by Amore Pacific and $30 cheaper). I can’t describe how good it is. I look luminous, but not shiny. Lookit:

The smoothing and brightening properties of the Laneige cream is epic. The coverage is sheer to medium, but somehow there’s not a single flaw. It’s diffusing and weightless and wonderful… and did I mention that it has an SPF of 50? Love Love LOVE.

So once upon a time I stumbled into a Corepower Yoga Studio… now I’m teaching there. Life happens when you’re making plans. I’m overjoyed at every moment. Really.


yogaminiart“Dear Universe, please send me a pony… and PLEASE LET ME NAIL THIS AUDITION!”

I got called for an audition to teach at CorePower. YIPPEEEEEE! When we go into training, we are strongly warned that training does NOT equal automatic teaching spots at the studios. Yes, we know that. Do we hope for an alternate ending? Why yes… YES WE DO.

The email came when I was between classes at Crunch. Typically I sauna while waiting for my next class time slot (no point in leaving with such a quick turnaround),  but the sauna is on the fritz (BOO!) so I chilled in my car. I never check my emails at that time (because I’m sweating it out) but this time I did…



I go in for an interview and audition on Sunday. Wish me luck!

Yoga Sculpt

So this happened…


I’m back in training. This time for Yoga Sculpt (yoga with weights). It’s been calling me for a while, and the schedule is perfect. It works with my teaching and Habibi, so it’s all good. I start in a week. Ya’ll pray for my muscles. One of my coaches pretty much looks like this…


… and she totally walks the talk. The other is an anatomy GENIUS, so I’m in good hands. I take both of their classes, and they wipe the floor with us every time. I have a lot to aspire to. I don’t expect this to be as intense as my Power training, since I’ve already walked through the fire once. I’m open though.

Here’s to a New Year, New Training, and New Adventures!